Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Last Thursday I decided to re-commit to logging my foods and regularly prying myself off my couch. This was brought on by a weigh-in at my parents' house on their "doctor's office" style scale, which put me at 166. Now I've been as high as 168 recently, but I turn 40 in less than a month and my goal was to weigh LESS than my starting weight of 160 when I started this last push in January of 2009, not to weigh MORE by the time this birthday hit.

So. Thursday and Friday I did well with my calories, and I even managed to hit the treadmill both days. Yay!

Saturday and Sunday I was, sadly, attacked by the Girl Scouts and force-fed a box of Samoas. Then I tripped over a bag of Reese's Eggs and landed mouth first on them.

Erm, that was more like two bags.


On the plus side, I didn't bake any cakes or cookies this weekend. I did bake a dozen muffins, but I didn't fall in lust with them or anything, so I only ate two.

"Only." Good grief.

Fortunately, Monday hit and I did well both Monday and Tuesday with the caloric intake, and today is looking good too. I haven't been on the treadmill due to a cold I came down with on Monday, but I'm going back on it tomorrow.

Tomorrow also happens to be my weigh-in day. The heck with this Monday garbage, I'm going for Thursday. It's a good day, and it's also well enough into my work-week to scare me off of going out to eat at lunch.

We'll see how it goes. Here's hoping I don't get attacked by a ginormous Quarter Pounder on my way home...


Choreboy said...

160 or 1600... it doesn't matter Amanda. I'll still cherish you just as much. I will support you in whatever you choose to pursue:)

Amanda said...

Yeah, but I was 145 when you met me and 154 when you married me. I'd like to at least be a bit more in that neighborhood ;)

And thank you :)))

HugeMD said...

AWW. He's very sweet. It's amazing how candy falls into one's mouth and burgers attack, isn't it?

Stupid winter. That's what I'm blaming. (Well, that and an idiot boy.)

Amanda said...

He *is* sweet :)

And I KNOW on the stupid burgers and candy! My favorite burger is the double quarter pounder with cheese from McDonald's. And a large fry.

Oh well. I had Subway at lunch today. Sweet onion chicken teriyaki, but I mixed it up a bit with full-fat fried potato chips.

Hey, gotta enjoy it :)