Sunday, March 07, 2010

I Shouldn't Complain

I did this to myself. I've stayed within my calorie range all weekend without a problem. In the face of enormous temptation (oven-roasted potatoes) and incredible odds (roasted porky goodness). Yay, right?

Then I went and baked a banana cake with cream cheese frosting, thinking I could hold off until Choreboy gets home tonight. I hate to admit it, but I might have been wrong.

So far I haven't given in. The cake is setting up in the fridge, beautifully frosted, and utterly droolworthy. I've eaten normally today, and normally I'd be fine.

Normally, however, doesn't include cream cheese frosting on my list of temptations. Normally doesn't usually mean I'm looking at more roasted pork (which runs at 90 calories an ounce, people) for dinner.

I have from 472 to 822 calories left today. It's totally doable, especially on the higher end, if I don't screw up and snack myself into a frenzy. I'm just worried I'm not going to make it.

That cake's looking awfully good.

*Note: I didn't take the picture, but it was taken of the same cake that I baked -- the recipe is here.


Choreboy said...

She's trying to make me fatter.

Mauigirl said...

It does look yummy. Hope you can resist. Lucky thing for me I don't bake!

Amanda said...

He adds an "er". As if he's overweight. *eyeroll*

Maui, it was! And I didn't resist... massive portion control fail, LOL.

Oh well, today is a new day, and Choreboy has been directed to eat the cake for breakfast, lunch, and snack. Here's hoping there's precious little of it left by the time I get home!

Choreboy said...

See what I mean? She's trying to make me fatter!

Jenn said...

So, have a small slice, woman! Fit the calories into your day and enjoy it.

Amanda said...

Ah Jenn... I did have a small slice. And I quickly followed it up with a HUGE second slice.

I should know better. Banana cake with cream cheese frosting is my Waterloo, and I'm fully aware of that.

This next weekend I'm going to concentrate on cooking things that will see me through the next week, food-wise, not desserts that will taunt me, LOL

tz said...

yum...I bet it was worth every bite!