Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

For ONCE, I am making cake for an actual family gathering. This is as opposed to my normal reason for making cake: to fatten up my husband.

Okay, that last part's true only in his paranoid mind. He's one of those who can look at the scale and say "Oh my God, I have to lose eight pounds!" go out to his shed, sweat for a few hours, then come back in and weigh himself again. "Okay, thank goodness that's over!"

So... uhm... okay, never mind. I'm pleading the fifth here.

Anyway, one of my cousins is coming down with his family and we're all going over to my parents' house for dinner tomorrow.

I'm bringing this -- a walnut jam cake. I've tested the batter and I'm currently sniffing the cake as if it's a drug. Holy cow, I am in trouble.

That's in addition to half a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache glaze*, and half a vanilla cake** with a browned butter and lemon glaze.

I'm not so sure we're even going to need dinner. But on the plus side, at least I'm spreading the caloric joy outside the house.

*Okay, the chocolate cake was pretty much made for Choreboy, but I did it as a public service. He eats it for breakfast. See? I'm thoughtful like that.

**GACK!! I just put a full cup of milk into this cake instead of 1/2 cup!! This is the SECOND time I've done this with a vanilla cake lately. What is up with my eyes that I keep translating 1/2 to 1????? Sigh.


Jenn said...

Oh man, Amanda - between this post and the lip waxing one, I'm snorting away!
I'm glad I'm not the only one trying to fatten up her husband.

Amanda said...

LOL -- thanks Jenn! I'm glad you enjoyed them. It's a bright spot in a morning that has involved rain, rain, MORE rain, me forgetting the currant jam for the one cake and having to substitute strawberry...

and did I mention? RAIN. Ick.

Ms Snarky Pants said...

Mmmmm chocolate ganache!