Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Weigh-In

Thursday Push Statistics:

Starting Weight: 166

Week 1 Weight: 162

Week 2 Weight: 159.75

Week 3 Weight: 158

Week 4 Weight: 156*

Yes, that's an asterisk beside the 156. Yesterday at about 12:40, I got a call on my cell phone. It was from my sons' elementary school.

Words you don't want to hear: "Hi, I'm so-and-so, the nurse at your child's school clinic? Your son has a fever of 101.6..."

Yep, mother-of-the-year that I am, I managed to send the Elder to school sick yesterday. UGH. So needless to say, we're home still today and I didn't get to weigh in on my official scale over at my parents' house this morning.

My home scale today gave me 156, which fits in with my current rate of 2 lbs. per week, so that's what I'm going to use. However, it also gave me 155, 157, and 154, depending on where it was placed on the floor and how I held my mouth at the time I stepped on to it. So all things considered... yep, we're going to take the 156.

Why can't I just weigh in tomorrow? Because tomorrow isn't Thursday, of course. So it doesn't count. Also, tomorrow will be the day after today, and in the land of Amanda's Eating Schedule that doesn't work. I have my soup on Monday through Wednesday for lunch, but on Thursday I get Subway-Happy-Subway, and with the additional salt intake considering my chips and all, I don't think a Friday weight would necessarily be as accurate as I'd like.

I'm hoping I don't cave and weigh myself at my parents' house because if it doesn't reflect the same 156 I've settled on at home I don't know what I'm going to do in terms of my weight tracking. ACK!!!

Except there's a HUGE part of me that's thinking I might cave, because what if that 154 is right???? I was retaining water last week due to "that time" and all, so it wouldn't be completely unreasonable...

This is almost as legitimate as when I rationalize that the dryer must have shrunk my pants because I couldn't have put on this much weight just eating Girl Scout cookies, now could I? Oish.

Anyway, that's the score for today. Home with sick Elder, Gum Zombie's at school for now. We'll see how long he makes it before he too decides that he's desperately ill and manages to coerce his teacher into sending him to the clinic. That Gum Zombie is a wily child, and I have my suspicions that if I hadn't eyeballed him the entire time I was taking his temperature this morning that he might have managed to have a fever himself.

I doubt the clinic workers are as clued-in to his sweet little face. He plays innocent well.


Patsy said...

Just try to hold out until next Thursday... Then your loss will be an ever better surprise! :o)

Amanda said...

wow -- you are serously crankin'! Can you point me toward the pst here you explain the effing secret??!?!?!?

and on a less bitchy note, dontcha just love a finicky scale? I have one that is temperamental too and it never says what I want it to say. yeah, it's the scale's fault.

Choreboy said...

Personally, I like that scale. It says the exact same weight for me every time I step onto it. Not sure why you seem to have issues with it:)

Amanda said...

Patsy, I'm working on it! Here's hoping I have at least a modicum of restraint in the morning.

Amanda, LMAO! No post where I explain the effing secret exists. I weigh right at the top of the designated "healthy" weight for my height, so my calories for losing weight are set at 1200 - 1550 at SparkPeople (I use them to track my food and so forth). So what I do, because I KNOW I need a higher calorie day than that once a week is I make sure my calories average out to 1200 - 1250 each week.

And I check that average daily, to make sure I'm balancing everything out correctly. This means some days, obviously, I'm consuming less than my minimum and it takes a serious balancing act to make the math work out. I've been on track for four weeks now, and I credit the once-a-week calorie-fest for keeping me there.

As for you, Choreboy, it says the same thing every time for you because you are a man.

'Nuff said.

Jenn said...

You definitely have your mojo back, girl! I'd take the 2 pound loss, and heck, if it's more - then next week will be awesome! :-)
Sorry your kid is sick - I hope it's a quick sickness.