Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday, Third in a Series

I wasn't happy about getting on the scale today. I knew my eating had been on track, I'd looked carefully at my average daily intake... all was well.

But it's not a good week for me to be getting on the scale. I am historically a bloaty, water-retaining, miserable person for a week or so every month.

Still, I trudged up the steps at my parents' house to the official weigh-in scale and faced the music:

158. 1.75 pounds down from last week.

I can live with that.

When I started the Thursday Push, I was 166. Now I'm 8 pounds down.

Yeah... I'll take that 158.


I am so sick and tired of soup this week. There had been a sale on the Progresso Light line at Publix -- $5.00 for 4 cans, making it $1.25 a can. I can't make the soup myself for that little, so I bought 8 cans and was able to mix it up a bit the first two weeks I did this. But last weekend I was out of the Progresso soup, so I looked through my pantry and freezer.

Chicken broth? check.
Onion? check.
Garlic? check.
Carrots? check.
Green beans? check.
Tomatoes? check.
Corn? check.
Frozen spinach? check... and ick.
Tons of herbs to keep me from gagging on the spinach? OH check.

It ended up being a mixed-vegetable soup with a strong tarragon flavoring and a hint of red pepper. It's not bad at all, and I have 2 cups at a time.

But four days out of the last five I have eaten this soup. It's easy, I don't have to think about it, but yesterday I looked at my bowl and it was just... depressing.

I'm going to keep making soup, because although it couldn't beat the sale price of the Progresso stuff, it sure beats the regular price which waffles between $2.30 and $2.60 a can. That said, I think I'm going to also spring for a little Progresso just so I don't stare at the soup and think "You know what would really make this better? A bag of chips, that's what."

Thank goodness it's Thursday, because Thursday is Subway day. Thursday is when I get my sweet onion chicken teriyaki WITH cheese, thankyouverymuch... and that bag of chips.

Also, since I knew Thursday was weigh-in day and I was already retaining the water volume of half the lakes in this county (substantial, let me tell you), I wasn't able to cook my traditional St. Patrick's Day corned beef. That changes tonight. Tonight I'm popping that sucker in the pressure cooker, baking some potatoes (I have ten pounds to go through), cooking some green beans, and it's going to be good. This weekend I'll make a Reuben casserole with the leftover corned beef which should see Choreboy through a few days.

And the sauerkraut should guarantee the boys will leave it alone.


Jenn said...

Yay, Amanda!!! You are rocking that scale!
I had a vision of you entering a house, and the scale appearing from behind a curtain a la Biggest Loser - very dramatic!

Patsy said...

Well done! If I weighed 158 I would need to gain some weight... ;o)

Amanda said...

LOL, Jenn! I swear it feels like that some weeks. My mother is very supportive and is lurking at the bottom of the steps saying "Well????"

It's a hoot :)

Patsy, thanks! My goal weight is a bit lower.. 130, to be exact. I'm 5'-7" and very small boned, so that puts me in the middle of my "ideal" weight range of 123 - 137. Now at my age I'm wondering what "ideal" will do to my face, so I'm willing to bulk up a bit if need be. There are limits to slim, and looking like a hag is somewhere I'm not going to go, so that goal weight could definitely spike up a bit, LOL