Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Like most bloggers, I live for comments.

Please, for the sake of my marriage, if you read this blog and get even the slightest enjoyment out of it, comment. Because poor Choreboy is currently being nagged mercilessly about just WHY he hasn't commented today.

Or on Monday's entry. Which I'll grant you was a rant, but still.



Jess said...

Your hubby comments on every post? Awwww, you lucky girl, that's so sweet of him :) yeah, it can be super-frustrating to write an awesome post and have no one comment; I know how you feel. In the end, though, your blog is a one-woman show. You started it for you and it will end when you want it to. Comments are always nice, but don't feel terrible if you don't get them on every post.

Ambulance Driver said...

Damn, Choreboy!

Married only a month and already slacking?

Comment, son! COMMENT!

WV = bledge: a blog pledge to leave more comments.

Angel said...

yeah I'm lucky if hubby reads my blog. Not that's it's been very active lately.

Heh, word verification: Nandamit

azureavian said...

commenting commenting, this is me commenting. I DO find enjoyment in reading this blog. I do believe in blog fairies I do I do!

Choreboy said...

I comment on every post, I just don't post the comments:) I'm sure that she'll agree with the fact that I always have *something* to say...