Thursday, September 17, 2009

Survey Says!

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner, folks! Since last month's cycle was 47 days, this month we had a whopping TWENTY-FOUR day cycle!!!

Holy crap. Yep, welcome to my little hormonal hell. Either the period never arrives, or it flies in with a vengeance several days before it's even due. Our next fun trick will involve learning just how long this sucker's going to drag itself out (she says as she glances at her sidebar in trepidation).


In other news, my scale is cooperating with me at the moment. I finally dropped down to 153, and pretty much continue to hover around that number even with the PMS-bloat-fest, which means on the plus side that I've likely actually lost some weight. On the minus side, it means my scale has been stalled for well over a week and will continue to behave like this for another week or two, so I can almost guarantee another whining session about how the stupid thing won't MOVE already, dammit, within that span of time.

I never claimed to be completely rational, y'all.


Also, an update on the school zone speed limit. Seems Mr. Deputy was a bit over-zealous in the tone he took with me. The sign stating that it's a 15 MPH school zone is supposed to sport a flashing light to help draw attention to it. This light is to be flashing when that speed limit is in effect.

Sadly for Mr. Deputy, it does NOT flash, which would be another HUGE reason why I had zero clue that the school zone speed limit had kicked in. The sign -- in addition to being out of the way of the standard driver, as evidenced by other signs they've actually moved to the correct, albeit temporary, locations -- also fails to include the hours that the speed limit is in effect, only stating "while flashing".

Which, again, it doesn't. Flash, that is.

So his overwhelmingly "You ARE a special, slow, idiot who can't read a sign and is obviously trying to kill small children" snarly tone of voice that he took with me? Can take a long walk off a short pier.


I know, I know, cops run into morons who truly don't give a rat's rear end about safety, either their own or others', and I understand that after a time one can get burnt out and assume everyone's an asshole. I used to be on the reserve police force. I get it. Really.

Problem is, sometimes the driver isn't an asshole. Sometimes, even, your equipment is malfunctioning.

Sir. Ahem.

But anyway, all's well that ends well. It's not as if he gave me a ticket, so I don't have a financial fallout from his "tone" or anything, and I can guarantee you I won't forget that school zone. Ever.


Tycho Beresford said...

47 24 153 15 - all these number gave me an idea: I'm gonna play them in the PowerBall! I'll split any winnings with you, as soon as I figure out how many L$ half of 111 million USD are...

Amanda said...

I think it would totally crash the SL economy. On second thought, that could be mildly entertaining...