Thursday, September 03, 2009

More wedding pictures...

...are up at my Facebook page. So if you haven't friended me there, you might want to consider it. Or friend one of my friends... or something like that.

Nothing new here to report. The scale is still being a total pain in the ass.

Of course, the french fries I had at dinner last night likely aren't helping matters. Adding insult to injury, they really sucked -- I just ate them because they were on my plate.

Good grief.


The Crazy Woman Inside Me said...

Oh there’s nothing worse than cheating by eating something that you *think* is going to be delicious, only to be disappointed. Totally unfair. Hope your scale gets back to cooperating soon! :-D


Amanda said...

Thanks Susan!

And yeah, it would have been totally fine if the fries had been, say, GOOD. I have a built-in section for deep fried foods and other things that aren't typical diet fare. It's a very tiny segment of my eating, but it's there. It just totally bites that I wasted perfectly good calories on dreck!

Bleah :)