Saturday, October 03, 2009

Responses and Updates and Bears, Oh My!!

Part of me wishes I didn't feel so duty-bound to title these blog posts, because that way y'all wouldn't be subjected to titles like the above.



Regarding my commenting post, thank you everyone for responding and patting my little writerly-ego-laden head. You know, the next morning after I'd posted that I was dragging my feet out of my room to the coffee maker thinking, "Good grief, Amanda, talk about a self-serving, whining post! Did you really have to go there? REALLY???"

So... hehehe... thanks y'all :)

And in the interest of fairness, Choreboy does always have something to say about a post although he may not, in fact, post it. Plus the timeframe over which I was kvetching was when he had some closes at work, which puts him home sometime between 3 and 4 a.m. I guess it's reasonable, perhaps, that his focus at that time is more sleeping than rattling on on my blog (although to be fair, he's capable of rattling on regardless of the circumstances -- he's gonna get me for that!).


In other news, I had a conference with the Gum Zombie's teacher on Thursday, and I'm feeling a bit better about the situation. She agreed that there were more negatives than should be in the children's agendas, likely because she has an intern and there are two sets of eyes watching the little buggers, so they need to adjust that. But GZ isn't a problem child by a long shot, and is near the top of the class academically. Reflecting that, he does fine at his desk -- it's just when they're on the carpet, in line, or walking somewhere that he kind of... zones out. As my father put it, "So his herd instinct needs to be tuned, eh?"

Yep, that's pretty much it. And I'd say the cause is an even split between his age and him just being the Gum Zombie. So I figure there will be a great deal improvement and "fine tuning" over the course of this year.

That said, expecting children to sit on the carpet still like little statues keeping their hands in their laps -- not even propping them up on the ground -- for the entire floor time? It just seems a bit too controlling to me. And narrow. And ridiculous, really. GZ isn't touching anyone, he isn't bothering anyone, it's just that his hands aren't in his lap. So yeah, I think it's idiotic that it's a bone of contention. If they're touching others it makes sense to call them on it, but I just don't think it's sensible to waste one's energy on children who are otherwise behaving.

Then again, I've always exhibited a great deal of care in picking the hills on which I'm willing to die. Perhaps his teacher has more resources than I and can pick an infinite number of battles. This just isn't one I'd choose to fight. Honestly, I think it's stupid.

Oh well, not my classroom. And I'll back the teacher up 100% in telling my children they need to follow directions. And that's the last I'll speak on this topic.


To address more comments:
Heidi, yes, you are TOTALLY lazy waiting to see if I survive Couch-to-5K before you try it. You think *I* wanna get on that stupid treadmill? You think I ENJOY feeling like I'm suffocating the last two intervals of Week 2? I swear I hate that shit.

And misery loves company.

So there. :P

(seriously, start it up and maybe we can find a 5K around this crazy town -- hey, two couch potatoes train for a 5K! see, an article series in the making... heh)

AD, LOL! Dude, I'm just tickled pink when you comment over here. I know you've got a ton of stuff you read, so it's all good. And Choreboy was duely chastened by your comment ;)

Angel, tell JM to pick up that slack! Just because you two have been married since before God was born doesn't give him clearance to avoid the bloggage. Seriously. I thought that boy was brighter than that! I'll sic the Gum Zombie and Elder Offspring on him at judo if he doesn't behave -- and my bet is JQ would watch and giggle if she knew why. Hee.

Jess, you're right of course, both on the awesomeness of my husband as well as the commenting thing. Ultimately I do do this for me, and I know I'd be keeping some sort of journal somewhere even if I never had comments. That said, part of the blogging thing for me is about the community, I'll freely admit. So yeah, it's a little bit of a bummer if there aren't any comments, but my biggest fear is boring you all to tears! And it doesn't help that this blog is such a hodge-podge of topics that folks don't know if it's a mommy blog, a patient blog, a weight loss blog, an exercise blog... GACK!!

And AA, did you clap three times for the blog fairies?? Because if you don't, I think Tinkerbell develops PMS. From what I hear, that could get ugly. And I've got to get over to your blog, woman! Thanks for the URL :)


Okay, that's it for today. The Elder Offspring is running a bit of a fever, I have a Second Life gig later this afternoon, and my college roommate is in town from Maine with her husband and 2.5 sons (the .5 is still in utero), so we're supposed to get together at a park tomorrow which the Elder's illness may preclude. Time to go push fluids and all that happy jazz. Have a great weekend, y'all!


Choreboy said...

I don't get the "bears" in the title. But then, I don't get a lot of things- even when the chores are done properly;)

Amanda said...

Not my fault the movie ran late last night, dear :P

As for the bears in the title, well I had something vaguely in my mind about the mother bear I referenced back in the post about the Gum Zombie's teacher, but I utterly failed to do a tie-in. My bad.

In my defense, this is only my second cup of coffee and first can of Diet Coke.

Jess said...

That's ridiculous- their only complaint that his hands weren't in his LAP? Holy crap, my mother would have killed to have those kind of complaints about my brother. GZ's teacher sounds a bit micromanage-y.

Congrats on trying the C25K! I got through day one and said screw it. Maybe I'll try it again now that I'm a little lighter.

Good post :)

Heidi said...

Oh crap, now I think I have to start the 5K because it might end up being a really good series/multimedia project. Shoot.

I'll have to do some, uh, planning first. But it's actually a really good idea and something that people would probably be interested in...

Amanda said...

Jess, yeah I'm with you on her being just a wee bit micromanage-y. Bless her heart. As long as he continues to like her and his academic progress is good, I'll just deal.

And Heidi, heh. I had a feeling you'd see it my way ;) If you would like/ need input or an additional subject or whatever, just holler at me. It's brutal, I won't lie. Part of the C25K mission is to get you from couch to 5K quickly, so it's not as gentle a ramp-up as one might wish. But you can adapt it to your own needs as you see fit. I see folks repeating weeks here and there, and some people have even created a "Week Zero" with thirty second running intervals that they do a bit before plunging into the actual C25K W1D1.

I've run into a couple of boards devoted to C25K in addition to a few teams on SparkPeople, so if you want some linkage, again with the "just holler" :)

azureavian said...

/me .::claps::. yaaaaay!

I must be insane because your posts on the C25K is starting to sound like a good idea. That, or you're just a really good sell.

Amanda said...

AA, well, the cool thing about C25K is that you can at least see the progress you're making. And I can guarantee if I went back to Week 1 Day 1 from here I'd find it pretty easy just running one-minute intervals.

But I *do* whine about it. Lots. And I cringe when I see another running interval is upon me, LOL.