Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday... pffft!!!

So I can see on my Dashboard that I have one new follower.


Sadly, Blogger's "Followers" feature is busted at the moment so I can't read who it is.


Edited to add: it appears that the "Followers" function is only invisible with Firefox. Stupid thing shows up fine on Internet Explorer. It's worked fine up until today. I call shenanigans!


In other Monday news, I nearly got a $500.00 ticket this morning on my way in. The state has been doing road work outside my children's elementary school for about six months, and decided at the start of this school year to put in one of those blinky "school zone 15 mph" signs because they've just now put in a crossing guard (after twenty years of none and the school zone speed limit being 45 MPH).

The sign is on the far right-hand side of the road, as one might expect.

However, the road construction being done is expanding the road to four lanes, and currently traffic is all funneled on the two LEFT lanes, thus rendering the blinky-light less than obvious.

It doesn't help that it's right at the intersection where drivers' attention is distracted by the more pertinent red-light-stop-green-light-go-yellow-light-go-very-very-fast device.

Also, they don't start supervising children until 7:40 according to the school paperwork, but the school zone speed limit goes into effect at 7:15 AM? RIGHT outside the school? WTF???

Anyway, obviously since I said I "nearly" got a ticket, the nice deputy just gave me a warning, and I'm finding some BRIGHT green neon paper to write myself a note in the car so I don't forget to slow my ass down WAY before that stupid-almost-invisible blinky light.

I was going 38, for the record. Below the normal posted speed, but definitely NOT 15 MPH.


And adding insult to injury, I woke up this morning with a case of PMS from hell. It's precisely 21 days from the start of the last cycle, so for a normal person this would be expected. But bear in mind, last cycle was 47 days, with three weeks of PMS. So this could be the start of close to a month's worth of weepiness, chocoholism, and scale-based rage.

Fortunately since I know what's up I can at least mitigate any outbursts by reminding myself that I'm merely temporarily insane; also, the exercise I'm getting is actually keeping me on a more even keel (along with regular infusions of dark chocolate).

But let me tell you, if there were fully-elective medicine available with insurance coverage and all of that, I'd totally schedule a hysterectomy. Yeah, I know... rationally it would be a bad idea (this is one reason why we have doctors). I just don't care about that at the moment. I'm done with the equipment, the plumbing's obsolete, let's move it out!

Uhm, have a good week y'all :)


Angel said...

I hate PMS. I hate pretty much everything when I have PMS. Except chocolate, animals and cute babies.

Yeah ready to rip out my plumbing too. UGH.

Sally said...

PMS from hell? Temporary insanity? We must be related....

Amanda said...

Angel, I'm eating chocolate as we speak. It's good for me. I'm sure of it.

And I don't want to know if it's not.

Sally, it could be. I just know my husband is once again sporting that "deer in the headlights" expression every time I look at him sideways.

Bless that man. And to his credit, he hasn't suggested that maybe I'm a little hormonally imbalanced.

Gee, ya think????

Bright guy.