Thursday, March 24, 2011

WW Weigh-in, Week 3

Wherein Amanda Laughs Hysterically

Start: 150
Week 1: 147.25
Week 2: 150.25
Week 3: 148.12

Yep, that's down 2.2 pounds from last week, and I'm totally freaking out my Weight Watchers Online Tracker. It only understands each week individually, so it's going nuts with wailing sirens and such (not literally re: the sirens), hollering "You're losing weight too quickly!!! Click here to see how to slow down your weight loss..."

Riiiiight. Because a 1.9 pound net loss over 3 weeks is so unreasonable. I think I'll be ignoring that little quirk of the WW etools...

So, did I do anything significantly different from last week? Hmmm. Caloric intake:

3/17 - 1184, 28
3/18 - 1490, 33
3/19 - 1345, 29
3/20 - 1294, 28
3/21 - 1234, 28
3/22 - 1206, 28
3/23 - 1126, 28

That's an average of 1268 calories/day, and 28.9 PointsPlus/day. Last week was 1229 calories/day and 27.5 PointsPlus/day. I ate 273 more calories this past week and showed over a two pound loss, compared to last week where I ate less than Week 1 and gained three pounds.

Go figure.

And I can't blame the loss on less fluid retention because, well, I'm still retaining. Ask Choreboy, who's wondering how I manage to stand upright with the boulders I've got mounted on my chest at the moment. Yeeouch!

Okay, that was probably TMI. Anyway.

My prediction is that somewhere between Weeks 4 and 5 I'll see a drop below that 147.25 I hit at the end of Week 1. That weight was taken around day 10 of my cycle, and day 10 of this next one has a good chance of hitting in the next couple of weeks. So we'll see. I may end up tracking my weight not just with the same time of day/ same scale/ same clothes scenario, but also at the same phase of my cycle. Oish.

Oh well, as long as the trend line keeps going down it'll work out. I'm just really curious to see how far below 147.25 I go on day 10, whenever that happens to be.

Fortunately, I'm easily entertained.


In other news, The Evil That is Ringworm appears to be fading from our home. Mine is virtually undetectable, and the patch on the anonymous child's arm is getting there too. Thank goodness.

That said, I fully expect the unafflicted to come down with it... likely as soon as I think it's safe to shelve the anti-fungals.


Choreboy said...

I already told you that I won't come down with ringworm simply because I don't want to. Mind over matter dear. Besides, I did the ringworm thing in my youth so it's not really appealing anymore.

And I really think you should get a back brace to hold you upright until the boobs return to "normal".

Amanda said...

See why I love this man? He's subtle.

Anonymous said...

subtle. ha ha ha I wouldn't exactly wish it on him, but then again, irony is a wonderful form of entertainment.

Ambulance Driver said...

"Ask Choreboy, who's wondering how I manage to stand upright with the boulders I've got mounted on my chest at the moment. Yeeouch!"

You know, this statement is useless without pictures. Just sayin...

You're a lucky man, Choreboy. ;)

Mini Trampoline Running said...

That's great news!! Losing weight too fast - yeah whatever! Lose it as fast as you can is my motto!

I love it when I see the scale go down. I too get so hyper when I see a significant drop that I literally start jumping as hard as I can on my rebounder to burn off the high that I feel. My dogs look at me side ways when I do that, so as to say, what is she on??

Anyway, great news for you, keep up the good work!

The Ninja said...


I love screwing with online logging technology, mine gets all irritated with me almost daily because my wieght goal eating target is 1738 cals and i usually eat around 13-1400 a day, it's like, "NOT ENOUGH FOOD NINJA!!!!"

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I won't get ringworm because I...well, I don't have a good reason yet, but give me time.
My dietician is always yapping at me to eat more too. The tool can only do what it was designed to do, it has no idea how you are doing! Besides, like you said, it is a NET effect because our bodies range naturally over a month. (Hello hormones- jerks.) Moving on.
My dietician could care less if I gain or lose weight as long as I am giving my body what it needs. Which I assume includes Lucky Charms Cereal Bars.

tz said...

yikes...ring worm...glad it's fading!

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I know a lot of the time when I eat MORE I lose MORE. When I cut back too much my body fights weight loss BAD.