Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hard Reset

I've seen a few folks talking about needing to do a "hard reset" with their weight loss efforts, and I believe it's quite evident I've reached that point myself. I'm still far below my high weight of 200 pounds, but if I don't do something that might not always be the case.

Failure is not an option. So yesterday, I joined Weight Watchers Online.

As most of you are aware, I've been using SparkPeople for two years now for tracking my food and whatnot, and truly, I can't say enough good things about it. The tools are easy to use, and the community is great. I'm even one of the leaders for my local SparkPeople team (may God have mercy on us all).

And it's free. You can't beat free. Also, I'm twenty pounds down from last year's high of 166-168 pounds. It's hard to argue with success.

But right now, calorie counting isn't cutting it for me. I'm just treading water. It's too easy for me to eat at the middle to top end of my 1350 - 1670 calorie range. "Eh, go ahead and have that donut, Amanda. You can fit it in. Oh, that cheese looks good! Just a little slice..."

You know, that's just fine sometimes. But not daily. And there are moments, especially when I'm in the pits of hormonal hell, where a little more structure might be helpful.

Plus whining about it endlessly is proving somewhat ineffective.

So after following Sheryl, aka Bitchcakes for the past year-plus, and also watching Jenn and Patsy with Weight Watchers, I bit the financial bullet and signed up. The change in social security withholding gives me enough extra monthly to be able to justify the cost (right around $18.00/month); additionally, they're running a membership special at the moment where if you pay for 3 months online membership at once, the initial fee is waived.

To be honest, I'm really pretty psyched about this. I've always been interested in Weight Watchers, and the whole "points" system has intrigued me. I'm clearly a marketer's dream, because the new PointsPlus system that's been the talk of much of the blog world as well as mainstream media has further drawn me in.

So here I sit, a full-fledged Weight Watchers Online member. I get 29 PointsPlus per day, and 49 more weekly... I guess they're flex-points or something? And because I'm a total data geek, I'm tracking my food on SparkPeople as well as on my Weight Watchers plan manager. Hee.

Turns out 29 PointsPlus per day is in the neighborhood of 1200 calories, give or take for fruit and vegetable intake. I have to say that fruit being zero points is a benefit to me already, because yesterday I picked grapes for a snack rather than some lovely glazed pecans (that I really should move away from my desk, say, now). Also, having my "extra" points all in one neat little bundle works for me mentally. I totally have hoarding tendencies (ask Choreboy) so my preference is to hoard the points rather than expend them on food. That said, it's wonderful that they're there in case we're out at dinner, or if I really desperately need that quarter pounder with cheese (which is THIRTEEN FREAKING POINTS OH MY GOD).


So anyway, I can see this being a good thing. I'm fired up again, which is what I really needed.

And in case anyone wanted to know, Hershey's Special Dark kisses are 2 PointsPlus for 3 kisses. That's vital information right there.

Okay FTC, once again, NOT BEING COMPENSATED. Weight Watchers and SparkPeople are getting publicity and linkage for free. Not that I'd mind being compensated, but no one's offered :P


Drazil said...

My workplace is doing WW at work and so all day I hear about points - it keeps me thinking so I like it! You'll do great! Good luck. It's really a healthy plan.

Choreboy said...

I don't know about the whining part dear.... your endless whining seems to suppress MY appetite;)

Amanda said...

Draz, I think it'll work well :)

Choreboy dear, I'm going to beat you for that. I know where you sleep! And conveniently, you'll be snoring too loudly to hear me coming :P

Dizzy Girl said...

I love WW! It has totally helped me in the past- it will help you stay accountable. Good luck Amanda!!

Jenn @ said...

Welcome to the "dark" side, mua ha ha ha!
Gotta love those weekly points. They save me every week, and I have a lot more points to work with (the benefits of nursing, natch)...
I didn't know you lost 50 something pounds, girl! That's awesome!!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Dizzy!

Jenn, ROFL! I thought of you when I signed up, how I'd whined that I'd do it but the co-ost.... and yeah, I've dropped a chunk :) I just want to KEEP it off and scrape off the remainder while I'm at it. I'm going for a total of 70 pounds.

I'm about to eat some of my weekly allowance, y'all -- have an awesome weekend!!

Robin said...

My cousin and I joined a few weeks ago too. I am 29 points also. I am not sure about the 49 extra for the week. I have only used a few so far on days I go over a bit. haha. If I can find you I will be adding you as friend on it. :)

Mauigirl said...

I love WW online - and the new Points Plus system has me better able to keep to the limit (the old system made me, top out at 19, which was impossible). However, they made wine much MORE points than it used to so I have to watch that!