Thursday, March 10, 2011

First WW Weigh-In!

Back during the holiday season I was determined not to go above 150 again. And I haven't.

Well, not on The Official Scale I haven't. That's the medical-style scale at my parents' house.

On our little scale at home? Erm...


it might have been another story (*koff* 154 at the height of the bloat *koff*).


So my starting weight last Wednesday for Weight Watchers was 150. It was actually 149.99999999 (on The Official Scale, after some of the bloat water had drained off), but for all intents and purposes?


After a week and a day on plan, though?



2.75 pounds lost. I'll take it.

Weirdly, I was really excited to weigh in this week. I haven't been excited to get on the scale in months, even when I was losing consistently; but with counting PointsPlus instead of (okay, in addition to) calories, something just clicked. I'm not sure if it's the fact that fruit is zero points or what, but it's just working for me. And as I've said before, I'm all about using whatever method is working best at a particular moment in time. For me, at this moment in time, Weight Watchers happens to be it.

Another thing I'm really enjoying about the WW site is that it breaks the weight lost down into percentages. So by the time I hit 142.5, I'll have lost 5% of my starting body weight; and at 135 I'll have lost 10% of my starting body weight. Goal is 130, so I'll only be 5 pounds away by then. Awesome.

I'm ridiculously excited by all of this, as you can tell from the relentless babbling.


One thing I have to say SparkPeople has over Weight Watchers is the interactive community. Weight Watchers has a thriving online community; don't get me wrong. But from my perspective SparkPeople's community is better organized and easier for a newbie to both navigate and jump into. I could be missing something, though, and I'm open to suggestions if anyone has them.


In other news, rain, rain, and more rain is in the forecast for our area of Florida today. It started last night and hasn't really stopped since. This morning I was in and out of the rain four freaking times by the time I finally walked into the office. I'm soggy, my stupid shoes are wet, and the cuffs of my pants aren't exactly dry either. Fortunately, the rain was needed and all of the sniffledy people here at the office (and at my home) are thrilled that this might actually bring the pollen count down. Between the oaks flowering and the orange blossoms blooming, it's a nightmare for the hay fever-prone.

Speaking of which, I need to make sure we have enough tissues. Better wrap this up. Later!


Heidi said...

I've never been tempted by Weight Watchers, but you may have convinced me. I've reached 135 but I'd like to be 125 for my wedding (although I think I'll be comfortable maintaining 130 if I can't get to the 125). I've lost 5 pounds since the beginning of the year but nothing in the last month. Maybe my body needs a kickstart.

Or, you know, I could just exercise on a regular basis. I bet that would help. :)

Amanda said...

Exercise is always helpful ;)

That said, I know that for me sometimes just getting fired up about food helps to fire me up about exercise, then I have both sides working for me. And another dorky thing that tickles me to death about Weight Watchers is that I can accrue activity points, which I can then EAT.

And I do. With relish (or ketchup, or mustard...)

Anonymous said...


"And another dorky thing that tickles me to death about Weight Watchers is that I can accrue activity points, which I can then EAT."

That is EXACTLY why I love WW!! I want chocolate cake? Great...that will cost me 7 AP's, or about an hour on the treadmill. I pay the piper (ur, the treadmill) then eat the cake.

I especially love the new PP system, where most fruits and veggies are FREE!!

Dizzy Girl said...

CONGRATULATIONS AMANDA!!!! Anything over 2 pounds is HUGE!!! I love seeing a drop on the scale- good good good job girl. I can't wait to see what you lose this week. :)

You'll be in the 130's in no time!!



Mauigirl said...

That's great! I need to start counting my points again. I do it faithfully for about 3 weeks and then I slack off. It really makes a difference.