Monday, March 14, 2011

Majorly Skeeved

Me, squealing: It's gross!!

Him: It's not. It's nothing.

Me: It's gross!!

Him: It's just a little parasite.

Me: Oh my God, it is not a parasite it's a fungus. Eewww!

Him: It's a parasite.

Me: Fungus! Like! Mushroom!

Him: Fine. It's a fungus. We'll save the flakes from your scalp and we'll put them on a pizza.


You know, it's one thing blogging about your child's ringworm.

It's quite another matter when it's your own.

I'm more than capable of giving myself a healthy case of the psychosomatic itchies. When they're accompanied by red lesions with a distinctive, raised ring around the borders, though... well, that's how I found myself driving home from my doctor's office today, shrieking and cursing to myself in an empty car. So I'm now the proud owner of anti-fungal shampoo and ointment, because I'm special and my case of ringworm happens to be on my scalp.

Not enough ick in the world to cover this.

Oh well, at least it's not impetigo.

(knock wood)


Choreboy said...

I say just use Tilex on the stuff. It kills everything in the shower, it should work on other fungi and parasites as well.

Amanda said...

So much ick. I'm going to fumigate the entire house. We can sleep in tents -- I'll have a special one marked "quarantine".

Anonymous said...

hahaha I so needed that. I had such a frustrating horrid day but I read your blog and I am LMAO.oh and I am not laughing at the fungi but just the words you write that make me smile. :) I am sure it will go away soon. Thank you *grins

Robin said...

ugh I dont know how that became anonymous haha

Amanda said...

LOL Robin -- I understood. And thank you; I'm glad I could make you smile!

The Ninja said...

impetigo or scabes, god my brother had that when i was a kid, it was a nightmare!

Thanks for the support, it has meant so much!

S, Galloway said...

The only thing worse then ringworm is head lice. My girls had that during the school 1993-94. Yeah it took that long to get rid of the beasties for good, thanks to a school friend who played "your turn" with her own lice colony.

Amanda said...

Ninja, it's a neverending squick-fest around here. And you're more than welcome! Actually, right back atcha :)

Sylvie, yeah, I'm trying to figure out who to blame for this loveliness hitting my house. My mother is trying to blame the cats. I'm trying to explain to her that the cats have been here for YEARS with nothing like this cropping up. And the cats don't go anywhere, not even outside.

The boys do.

Seems like the cats are in more danger from creepy-crawlies the boys might bring home than vice-versa. Hopefully my family's rabid anti-cat bias will give way a little in the face of, say, logic.

Jenn @ said...

Boo to ringworm!
Yay to kicking butt on WW!! (I'm catching up on your previous posts.)

Losing 100 said...

ICK! I'm so sorry. That sounds miserable. Hang in there. I'm sure it will disappear soon.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I may or may not REALLY PERSONALLY know a lady who had ringworm so bad as a kindergartener she missed 3 weeks of school. This poor lil angel also lost her hair from it. In fact? She had to go to Mayo, and they asked her parents if they could take pictures of her for medical books. (They said YES. really!?) That was the last time she put a kitty up her shirt to keep it warm.

Amanda said...

Jenn, thanks and thanks! L100, I really hope so LOL. And Sara, yipes -- I am NOT telling my mother the story of the person you may or may not really personally know. Eeeek!!!

(seriously -- Mom'll totally freak)