Monday, March 07, 2011

An Open Letter to My Co-Workers

Dear Co-Workers,

My blue pen and post-it note pad appear to have wandered away from my desk. Granted, this is not like The Great Scissors Debacle of 2010, but still.

I. Want. Them. Back.

If they return by lunchtime, no one gets hurt.

The office supply cabinet is two bays up to the north. Use it.

She Who Generates the Paychecks


tz said...

one of the nurses with whom I work puts her name on EVERYTHING, even pens....and still they walk away! But I'm afraid to touch them...have no idea who is brave enough to leave with them...

good luck, maybe you should offer an award..half eaten donut in the breakroom? that's fair.

Amanda said...

My staple remover has a tiny piece of paper taped to it that says "AMANDA'S STAPLE REMOVER. PLEASE SEE EXODUS 20:13-14."

I believe that's the bit about "thou shalt not steal." It's only the THIRD staple remover I've been through.

Your reward sounds good, except I'm too weak to eat only half a donut :D

Amanda said...

(holy cow, it took me THREE TRIES to get that comment right -- I am the typo queen)

The Ninja said...

I buy cheap silk flowers and glue them to my pens, that way I know when someone in my office of ten people has taken them. Also I'm here by myself alot and I go take them back.

Amanda said...

Now there's a thought!

We're a small office as well -- 10 people, and only one other is female (plus, well, she isn't a pen thief).

Hmm. This could be fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...all of my technical journals and such have pink slip covers; my pens are "fancy". Since I'm the only professinal woman in this firm, it's pretty obvious when someone borrows from my office.

At home? The handle of my hammer and screwdriver have been painted pink. Just so Teen Sons and Dear Husband won't use them.

Amanda said...

Angela, I see a lot of pink in my future... for the same purpose you have it in yours!