Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Signs That it's Time

This morning I had one of those signs that it's time to overhaul the contents of my freezer.

Maybe. Perhaps.

The boys are at daycare this summer, and they have to pack their lunches and a snack each day. Well, yesterday they each did all their own packing. The Gum Zombie got an ice pack from low in the freezer, so the Elder Offspring went up higher.

To the top shelf.

Where I am still storing the frozen expressed breastmilk from when G.Z. was an infant.

You know where this ends, right?

So this morning as I was helping him pack lunch for today, I pulled out this limp bag of very thawed, very ancient human milk.

I’d be embarrassed, but it turns out I have no shame. Good thing too because my placenta’s still in the bottom of the freezer.


azureavian said...

ummm... can i just say ew? =D

i only left my breastmilk in the fridge for 6 months. hehehe


Amanda said...

Yes you can say "ew"... LOL. I sure did when I realized what he'd used.

Yep. Time to clean that sucker out.