Monday, June 22, 2009

McDonald's: 1; Amanda: 0

McDonald's kicked my ass at lunch today.

I've had Mickey Dee's maybe three times since January 1st. My favorite meal there is the double quarter pounder with cheese, and honestly, if I can't have that? It ain't worth going. So I've been extremely sparing regarding my trips to the Golden Arches.

But today just called for a grease bomb.

God it was good. Worth every freaking calorie.


Choreboy said...

Hmmm... that means you can't eat for the next several weeks, right? *giggling*

Amanda said...

Oh bite me babe :P heh

HugeMD said...

I love the double quarter pounder with cheese, too. I'll settle for the single. Had one the other day after my visit with lawyer from hell. It didn't help. Seeing nice lawyer did.

Amanda said...

Quarter pounders may not make everything better, but they sure taste good. It's all about the little things.

And yes, a good *and* nice attorney is an excellent thing.