Monday, June 08, 2009

This Just In

I'd mentioned previously that a new feline member of the household was incoming. Well, Bob arrived a couple of weeks ago, bless his little kittenish heart. No, he's not a Manx or any sort of "breed" of cat, and despite his name he has a full-length tail. For those of you interested, he was born on March 12th, and is a grey tabby sort of boy. And it's "Bob" for "Robert," for the record; all Bobcat references are directed toward the actor and not any sort of anatomical trait of the beast.

The best description of Bob and how he spends his days came from Choreboy:

"I watched Bob literally bounce off of the couch, hit the wall behind the cat tree with a loud thunk and zip headlong into Emily's litter box exactly like a cat pinball machine. I haven't seen him since. You may want to consider eliminating the kitten food considering the fact that the heavy scent of nuclear droppings once again permeates the inside of the house.

Or you could just scoop every day."

He may have a point. That aside, I think Bob's going to fit in just fine.

Edited to add:
In other news, "brainwashing" and "brainstorming"? Not the same thing. At all.


GBY said...

But wouldn't a "brainstorm" "brainwash" any brain left out in the rain? I think it might.

The Fantablous Colette said...

Wonders if Bob has wings, propeller, or rocket pack.

Amanda said...

guessing GBY is The Artist Formerly Known as Gil... and yes, possibly; although Dad is ultimately the one who missed that little typo.

Whoops *snerk*

Colette, all of the above. I think Mack and Case brought him fully-equipped.