Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Heya gang!  Yep, I'm still alive. Again. Really, are you shocked? I didn't think so :P

To get the ugly and embarrassing stuff out of the way, no I didn't take my own advice over the holidays even after my recovery from The Thanksgiving Debacle. The reasons why are numerous and private* and I've gone over them in my brain and am understanding better why I have been coping by eating ALL THE FOOD (Holy Jesus God it was bad) during the month of December, but it's done and I'm back on track. Weight yesterday was 149. Yes, you read that right. I am a rockstar when it comes to gaining weight.


Anyway, I've had 1.5 good days. Yesterday was 100% on plan, today will be, and the rest of January will proceed likewise. At the moment I'm following the eating plan I was using before all hell broke loose:

1 egg, 2 whites
1/2 ounce cheese
1 cup seasonal fruit

1-2 cups dark leafy greens
3-4 oz chicken (breast today)
2+ TBSP fresh salsa (I don't stress on this measurement)
2 TBSP 2% fat cheddar, shredded (I measure this with great precision)
2 TBSP reduced fat sour cream (see cheddar notation)
100 calorie pack spicy Wholly Guacamole

1 turkey burger
1 "Ultra Thin" slice Swiss cheese
1 TBSP-ish Boar's Head Deli Style Mustard
2 cups steamed broccoli with lemon juice and black pepper

Snacks (optional)
50 - 100 calories fruit
1 TBSP peanut butter
1 cup max FroYo

This keeps me between 1000 and 1200 calories per day, depending on my snack choices.  If I eat all of the snacks, I'm right at 1200.

The reason I say "at the moment" is because I'm toying with mixing it up with the lunch or dinner, but right now I don't have energy or inclination so I believe I'm going to stick with what works.  The evening protein might change from turkey to fish, depending on what's available, and my evening vegetable may vary to wilted spinach, roasted Brussels sprouts or asparagus.

Weekends I can go up to 1500 calories, but I may not.  It depends.

Activity-wise I've managed to straighten out my knee for the moment and am wearing the brace to make sure it doesn't go crazy on me again.  That just sucks too much for words.  So last night, Brent and I went on a very brisk walk outside (in the air!), tonight I've got a Nia class I'm taking for fun, Wednesday is belly dancing, Thursday will be walking, Friday will be walking, and I'm pretty sure there will be walking aplenty on Saturday and Sunday.  Failing that, I'll get on the recumbent bicycle and pedal for awhile.

Wake-up call is at 5:30 for my resistance exercises.  When I feel like slacking I just think about my age and the fact that women over forty lose muscle at an alarming rate only to replace it with fat.  Flatly unacceptable.

Some of you may be wondering how I'm even wearing clothes, considering I got rid of everything that doesn't fit me (usually).  The answer would be rather uncomfortably.  I spent the last part of December and the first week of this month in skirts.

I hate skirts.

So... yeah.  This ends now.

Happy 2013, everyone!!!

*To clarify a bit:  "Private" in that the issues causing stress are not mine to share, but I can share that they are not involving members of my direct household, for which I am incredibly grateful.  But it sucks, it really does.  Both the ongoing mess as well as my total coping fail.


Norma said...

Missed you!

Angela Pea said...

*sigh* Me too. How can I gain 8 lousy pounds in less than a month? Seriously? Never mind. I know the answer to that.

Happy New Year! Let's get busy shedding the poundage!

Leigh C. said...

Happy New Year! Keep rockin that plan like the rock star you are:)

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies -- it's good to know I'm remembered, LOL! Now I also need to get back on track with the commenting on others' blogs :)

Lordy, this whole thing is exasperating. Oh well, day 3 and all is well. At least I have the whole "getting back on track" thing right. Too bad I couldn't have done that, say, December 4th :P