Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Scale Weirdness

So today in theory I weigh 142.5.  I don't know -- it could be right, it could be wrong.  I mean, it's a pound down again so yay!  But it's also our old dial scale (the only one we have) and I always question its accuracy, even when it's going the direction I want it to.  Oh well, as long as it keeps moving in that direction I'll be happy.

I should trust it, since I've been eating correctly and exercising my butt off (what there is of it that will leave -- even at 135 it's not insubstantial), but since I can eat correctly and exercise my butt off and have it stay static for weeks on end, you'll have to pardon my skepticism.


So Monday night I introduced Choreboy to the Wonderful World of Weights and Resistance Training!  It went well, and even today he's a bit "ouchy" in his legs and so forth.  I don't have a full range of motion in my lower body for squats and lunges and the like (thanks, stupid knees!) but he does and let me tell you he used it without me even prompting.  The man is inspired.

And I love it, because now I have a partner in crime with all of this :)


Lastly, the Emily Cat update:  we have no clue what's going on with her and neither does her vet even after two rounds of bloodwork.  The latest batch shows all her gamma globulin levels are up, whatever that means.  So since we don't have just one or two spikes any diagnosis is utterly up in the air.  Could be fungal, could be immuno-deficiency... no clue.  The plan is to start medicating her with both a steroid and an antibiotic and see what effect that has on her health, so that's what we're going to do.  On the plus side, she's visibly eating and drinking.  On the minus side, she's still losing weight and that is, obviously, Not Good.

So, one cat to medicate, 4 rats to medicate (they have a respiratory infection, joy)... next?

Kidding, kidding!!!

Okay, running away to go find some wood to knock.  Have a good one, y'all.  Oish...


Leigh C. said...

You have rats????? That's all I can say.

Amanda said...

Yeah, rats. They entered the home thanks to my younger son who had a "Junior Keeper" day at the local reptile store. I was all prepared to say no to anything cold-blooded, but he fell in love with this furry little baby rat...

... and now we have four. They're "fancy" looking, and very cute. And now I can honestly say I'd rather medicate all four of them TEN times a day than EVER try to medicate Emily again. There was bleeding. She won.


WhisperingWriter said...

I need to start lifting weights. My arms are beginning to look sad.