Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hopefully we all survived Thanksgiving relatively unscathed!

I did, more or less.  To my chagrin I didn't end up following my own advice (*eyeroll*) and extended the holiday from Wednesday evening through Sunday evening.  And I will absolutely admit that I didn't put on a pair of my "normal" work pants until Wednesday (yesterday) morning when I knew most of the bloat had passed.  They're fitting fine; I'm sitting at 137, which is a pound or two over my normal-esque weight, which also means that I was a total crazy woman.

Why?  Not going into it here.  Suffice it to say that it's nothing going on directly within my own household (thank you, powers that be) and although there are other, more constructive ways to deal with stress rather than eat, food was definitely my coping mechanism in the moment.

That said, as soon as Monday hit I was back on track.  Even my extended "breaks" have limits, and the looming threat of the lack of a suitable wardrobe cannot be emphasized enough as a deterrent.

Now I just have to make it through the beginning of January without busting out at the seams.  It's totally do-able.  I think I might report in weight-wise once a week until this latest bout of lunacy is over.

Accountability:  it doesn't suck.


Angela Pea said...

LOL! You're right - it doesn't suck at all!

The Ninja said...

I still haven't found the inspiration to put on normal pants. I imagine at some point I may wish to do so again, however it's not looking promising.

Mauigirl said...

I'm completely stuck right now - wearing elastic-waist stretchy corduroy pants from Lands End. They're like wearing pajamas. I actually made an appointment to go to a nutritionist (my dr. referred me) next week. I know all the rules about nutrition but going to see her once a week and having to weigh in should be a BIG incentive to actually do something about things! Good luck making it through the holidays!

Choreboy said...

You should really quit trying to live vicariously through me by purchasing bulk quantities of items which are NOT helping my waste line and saying "Look what I got for you honey!" while stacking them on the kitchen counter. I like treats, I just don't care for the way they stick to my midsection ;)

Amanda said...

Angela, right on!

Ninja, you have three small children under what... 7? You've got time.

Maui, thanks!!

Honey, first of all it's "waistline", not "waste line" (although I see where you could confuse the two :P ). Secondly... oh hell, I want to stay married so I'll just zip it ;)