Friday, May 20, 2011

WW Weigh-In, Week 11

My comments never came back from the Blogger outage -- rats!!!!!!!!

Start: 150
Week 1: 147.25
Week 2: 150.25
Week 3: 148.12
Week 4: 145.25
Week 5: 146.5
Week 6: 144.25
Week 7: 143.25
Week 8: 143.99
Week 9: 142.66
Week 10: 142.33
Week 11: 141.125

Yes, those decimals are accurate :P

I'm so close to the 130's... but I'm going to try not to dwell on it because that way lies insanity. And it would probably stress me out too, which would make me retain water, and that would Not. Be. HELPFUL.

I'm just going to keep on with what I've been doing and see what happens.


As for what I've been doing? Well, my basic day of eating is pretty dull:

1 egg
2 egg whites
1/2 oz. cheddar
1 cup fruit (usually berries)

1 hard boiled egg (I like eggs a bit)
1 oz. 2% cheddar
1 pitette w/ 1 TBSP Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter
6-8 apple slices (depends on how many I grab from the bag)
1 cup grapes

1 cup lentil soup
1 TPBS parmesan cheese

Range from ice cream and Oreos (in fixed amounts) to apples and cheese.

I tend to stick around 1200 - 1300 calories per day (yes, even on Weight Watchers I'm still counting calories), and on the weekend this varies a bit more; for example I'll bake some fish for dinner, or hit a restaurant for a meal. And for special events I'm admittedly perfectly happy to throw caution to the winds. I've also got a pretty kick-ass black bean soup recipe I've been alternating with the lentils, so that's brought in some welcome variety too.

Tomorrow morning, I fully intend to indulge in a raspberry white chocolate scone for breakfast. Sure it'll cost me some points, but believe me it's worth it.

Points-wise, I stick right around 29 points a day. Sometimes it's a little more (and is covered by activity) and on rare occasion I might end the day with a couple of points left over. Thanks to the 10K a Day (in May!) walking challenge I've been getting a good 3 activity points per day, and that adds up nicely during the week.

I'm not pushing myself severely on the activity front because my body does not like to be pushed, and shares that with me via stress fractures, my knees acting up (I've got a lovely case of chondromalacia patella, if I spelled that correctly), whatever it takes to get me to ratchet down the stress to my joints. So after being sidelined repeatedly with my attempts at running and more intensive physical goals, my goal at this point is to just keep moving consistently.

So far so good. 41 years down, hopefully more than 40 to go.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Sarah Kopf said...

I would LOVE to know how you make your lentils! :)


Personal Trainer NYC said...

Nice work on your consistent progress! The initial weight loss is also comparatively easy... but being able to keep making progress after that initial drop has happened is really impressive.

Keep going! You'll be at 130 before you know it!

The Ninja said...

1. I love lentils, I make burgers with them, yum!
2. I love eggs as well.
3. You are doing very well and should be proud of yourself for being so disciplined with your food.
4. blogger is being hinky all over the place, wtf blogger.
5. don't know why I did numbers.
6. lunch break is over I should go back to work now, lol.

Amanda said...

Sarah, see new entry :)

PTNYC, thanks and welcome to my corner of the web!

Ninja, oh lentil burgers... recipe? Pretty please?

And yeah, blogger has been hinky beyond belief. Ugh.