Thursday, May 12, 2011

WW Weigh-in, Week 10

Subtitled: Quitcher Bitchin'

Start: 150
Week 1: 147.25
Week 2: 150.25
Week 3: 148.12
Week 4: 145.25
Week 5: 146.5
Week 6: 144.25
Week 7: 143.25
Week 8: 143.99
Week 9: 142.66
Week 10: 142.33

Well color me floored. After yesterday's weight (a "monstrous" 143 -- yeah I know but it was moving in the wrong direction) and the continued increase in size of certain, erm, body parts due to that lovely cyclical water retention, I'm pretty surprised to have netted a loss of any kind. But hey, I'll take it! This also puts me at my 5% weight lost goal for Weight Watchers.

It also caused the WW e-tools severe alarm, because according to their records (inaccurate due to my absence from the "real" scale last week) I've lost more than a single pound at a time. Danger Will Robinson!


In other news, I'm currently wearing a rubber band on my right wrist. Why, you might ask? Because I'm a complete dork would be the answer. And a creature of severe habit.

I almost always wear earrings. Usually the same pair of gold hoops.
I almost always wear a necklace.
I always wear my wedding ring on my left hand.
I almost always wear my maternal grandmother's ring on my right hand.
I almost always wear my watch on my left wrist.
I almost always wear a bracelet on my right wrist.

And when, for some reason, one of those items is missing, I spend the whole day looking at whatever part it's missing from and clutching it until I remember "Oh yeah, I didn't wear that because..." and today's reason for failure to wear the bracelet is "I got distracted mid-jewelry assembly and forgot." Hence the rubber band, so I don't freak out.

Please tell me I'm not the only weirdo person like this.


Anonymous said...

Nope. I do the same thing when I forget my watch or bracelet.

Two Thumbs Up on the WI!!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

No I'm the same way. Especially with my watch. I hate that. I spend all day looking at my wrist. So if you're weird so am I. Congrats on the 5%.