Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Release the Pigs!!!

Yep, H1N1 has nuked us fair and square. The Elder Offspring is the first to fall victim, and his viral status was verified yesterday via nasal swab at his pediatrician's office.

I thought it was just a bad cold. Oops.

On the plus side, he appears to have a rather mild variant of it. So mild that, last night, he jumped in front of the Gum Zombie and shouted "Swine Flu Powers -- ACTIVATE!!"

The Gum Zombie, no stranger to drama himself, hollered back, "I have the hand sanitizer and I'm not afraid to use it!"

I didn't laugh. I wanted to. I choked. I left the room even. But I did not laugh.

Much. Heh.

Once I recovered myself, I did make the boy sit down. He's still looking tired in the eyes in spite of his antics. But it could be just so much worse, so I'm grateful he's on the less severe end of the spectrum.

Here's hoping the Gum Zombie's addiction to hand sanitizer sees him through.

What sucks about this for me is that I'm so darned suggestible I keep nearly giving myself H1N1. It's insane. A slight tickle in my throat? Swine flu! An allergic sneeze? Swine flu! Trouble running on the treadmill? Must be an incipient H1N1 infection!!

I've now banned myself from the CDC website. This could be a long couple of weeks.


Jess said...

Awwww, hope he gets to feeling better :( Good luck taking care of him, I hope the rest of your family is able to resist the powers of the H1N1 :)

Choreboy said...

I have yet to see *anywhere* on the web that YOU can be banned from or resist.

Just saying...

Jenn said...

Well, I hope he uses his Swine Flu powers for good rather than evil, heh heh.
Thank goodness it's a mild case! I hope the rest of your family doesn't catch it!

Angel said...

The sortof good, er, neutral news is that it might not be h1n1--I thought I heard somewhere it's not 100% until the culture comes back, some false positives w/ the rapid test. Here's hoping!!

JediBoy added Eldest to his bedtime prayers (and of course JudoQueen is praying for him too!) Ok, we ALL ARE.

And I'm adding a special prayer for your sanity ;)

I would have laughed. Right there in front of them. TOO FUNNY.