Monday, October 26, 2009

This is The Title

Clearly, creativity-wise? I got nothing.

So the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 0-7. I am a lifelong Bucs fan by the sheer virtue of living within the team's geographical influence. I don't so much remember the first season (1976) and the 0-14 record, as I remember the over-the-top news coverage when they finally won one, against the Saints (still the 'aints!!) back in 1977. It was insane, and I know this simply because I remember it. I was seven then, y'all, and my interest in football was -- if possible -- even less than it is now. That said, I have to admit that it's refreshing to watch a team go back to its roots.

Yeah, some rabid fan's gonna get me for that.

Anyway, a big part of why my creativity is sapped is because I'm once again riding the hormonal tidal wave and that doesn't gel with my current attempts to be cheerful, dammit. And that's combined with the six pound weight gain from the flu which went up another two pounds this morning.

HOW in the hell did I gain nearly NINE POUNDS in two weeks? Please tell me this. I just don't see how it's possible.

So then the drama queen in me comes out and I want to whine about how my body is betraying me what with the H1N1 nonsense, still feeling like crap, and this mysterious metabolic garbage whereby the mere glance at a Double-Quarter-Pounder-With-Cheese is enough to pile on the pounds.

Then I feel like crap about that, because I have friends and other folks I know whose bodies actually have betrayed them, giving them chronic or terminal illnesses that impact their quality of life to a huge degree, and yet they keep going, and I'm sitting here whimpering over some stupid weight gain that I know darned good and well is partially due to water retention? And another portion of it is due to the brownies I ate that I should have just taped to my ass instead?


So there you have it. That's my lovely mindset at the moment. Damned scale hates me, stupid treadmill isn't my friend, and I'm a bit peevish into the mix.

The only bright spot is the Bucs are apparently going to resurrect their "creamsicle" uniforms next week or sometime later this season. The idiots. You've just gotta laugh.


Choreboy said...

I don't care for football of any flavor. Just saying...

Amanda said...

It's part of your charm :)

Jenn said...

Are you taking any medications for your sickness right now? That surely is water weight, girl. Try to up your water intake and see if it helps. Meds can definitely screw around with your water retention, as well.
Hang in there!
PS - did you get your VitaTops yet?

Amanda said...

Jenn, I'm taking occasional decongestent/ antihistime stuff because adding to the joy is some upper-respiratory junk that's making me look a bit like Rudolph out of season :/

No VitaTops yet -- I'll keep you posted on that!

Tycho Beresford said...

Last weekend, by the time the Saints picked up their second first down 22 minutes into the game, Miami led 24-3. Against New Orleans, that wasn't enough of a cushion.

Six and oh, ten to go!

Angel said...

Yeah I'd vote water weight too. But even if it's brownies, you have a valid reason to gripe. Hell, we're women and our bodies DO betray us in that horrible hormonish way. We look at chocolate and gain a pound. FEH.

Besides this friend thing goes both ways, our whines cancel out each other ;)

Keep feeling better (and really I'd be happy to take those brownies off your hands, what are friends for?)