Friday, October 16, 2009


Normal is...

getting up in the morning
dropping off the boys at school
going to work

eating lunch

leaving work
picking up the boys
arriving home

And never ever wondering what I'll walk into when I open that door.

Sound boring?


But to me, it's heaven.

Note: yes, odd as things can be,"normal" actually sums up my life. And I love it.


Angel said...

:) I'm happy that you're happy :)

Amanda said...

Thanks :) Predictability is way underrated, LOL.

I should know :)

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I agree with you.

Like I tell Annie: The simple cases pay the same as the hard ones. At this point I'd much rather see predictably simple ones.

Kids are less predictable, even more so than dogs.

Choreboy said...

Does that mean I'm a boring old bastard now? ;)

Amanda said...

Grumpy, yeah, I think whoever came up with that "May you live in interesting times" curse needed to be shot. Or something violent.

Agreed on the kids vs. dogs. I'm not entirely sure where cats figure into the equation.

Choreboy, we'll discuss your role in this tonight... later... much later ;)