Monday, July 13, 2009


Yes, boys and girls, I have yet another of my extremely rare DJing appearances online tonight. I can be heard on this stream: from 8:00 - 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

The theme of the set is likely best described as "Stuff Amanda Likes to Listen to and Will Therefore Shamelessly Play Since She's in Control of the Airwaves, Dammit." This would include 80's (both pop and the harder stuff), 90's, current-ish pieces, some Celtic, more Bowling for Soup that most people can reasonably stomach... basically, whatever floats my boat.

Taking requests also floats my boat, but I'm very limited in my music. Still, you can feel free to post your requests here or kick at me via Facebook (Amanda Justice -- username the.amanda.justice), or Twitter (amandajustice) before my set and I'll do my best.

Oh, and since this DJing gig is through Second Life, for those of you in SL it's at the Glamshack (in Holmesk) from 5-7PM SLT (that's Second Life Time, aka Pacific).

I'm Ajay McDowwll in SL (Amanda Justice = A.J. = Ajay, just to clarify, and no I didn't know before it was too late that "Ajay" happens to be a guy's name in some countries, dangit), so that's how I'll be referring to myself. Holler and I'll give you a shout-out on the stream :)


Tycho Beresford said...

Yay DJay Ajay! How about playing some Linkin Park - Bleed it out? Isobela really, really likes that song. She even played it ten times in a row at the Shack once when she was DJing there!
Also, shouldn't you warn your blog readers about your host for tonight in case he should come up in conversation?

Amanda said...

Well, my hostess of course is the glamtastic Case Munro! He'll look just darling in that Hello Kitty outfit I have picked out for him...