Friday, July 17, 2009


I hate this edging-up-on-menopause garbage. Just pause already, dangit!

Toss a bit of mid-life "holy crap, my life's on the downward slope and just what do I have to show for it" crisis stuff in... ouch.

And the moodiness can leave any time now, too. At least half the time I feel as if I'm divided into two different people: one who's about to burst into tears or snap into a rage at any minute; and another who's desperately shaking the afore-mentioned lunatic yelling "Snap out of it, woman!"


Well, on the plus side at least even when I'm a hormonal wreck there's a part of me that knows what's going on. I just wish that part of me were a bit more helpful when I'm in one of these funks and in danger of dragging everyone near me down into the abyss.

There's your melodrama. "The abyss."

Good grief. If I could roll my eyes at myself I would.



HugeMD said...

Sorry you're feeling so moody, babe. Don't ya hate it when you know you're a bit off and feel like you can't get back on track? There'll be better days when the hormones are a little more level. Hang in there!

Promise said...

hugs with much uderstanding.