Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Think I've Lost Count

This morning, scale survey says: 149.9...9999999999999999999999


But YES! Under 150 again. Barely, but I'll take it. I wasn't even sure I'd make it this week, to be honest. I've been good with my food, but my exercising has been in the toilet the past several days and that combined with being on DAY FIFTY-FREAKING-SIX of my formerly-twenty-five day cycle has my hormones and body all freaked out (and yes I have an appointment to see my doctor, Mom).

Perimenopause is interesting. Or something. I'll leave it at that for the moment.

Good news is, it looks like I may not make it to day sixty. I'm retaining water in the... erm... chestal region, and other standard signs are there that we're about to set this particular counter back to zero again. No I am not pregnant. Choreboy is blessedly "fixed" and additionally I have a negative pregnancy test result confirming my non-gestational status because I trust nothing, not even a vasectomy that's got a good history of holding, so I double-checked to make sure there'd been no re-canalization flukes or anything else.

We're clear. And in another week, give or take six days (this is me we're talking about), the water retention should ease which should net me a few more el-bee-ess off the weight.


In other news, orientation for the 2010-2011 school year was today. The Elder is starting sixth grade which means he's off to middle school. I'm trying not to be traumatized. He made it into the accelerated program, which means more work for all of us, but it's worth it in academic gains. If he hadn't been accepted into the accelerated program I would have pitched a fit of epic proportions, because that child has had straight A's through most of elementary school, has always been in the highest reading and math groups, had an awesome recommendation from his fifth grade teacher, and rocked his FCAT scores (including maxing out in math).

Ahem. Sorry for the brief maternal brag there. On the other hand? Spider Farts. So it all evens out.

The Gum Zombie is entering second grade, and his teacher seems nice. We'll see how that goes. I'm not holding my breath as she's good friends with last year's disaster teacher, but just because two people are friends doesn't mean they have the same exact professional philosophies.

Anyway, it was a hectic day and my first handling two orientations at two separate campuses, but we survived.

Next goal (outside of making it through Monday and the start of school): 145 lbs.

Have a good one, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Whoot! I can't wait to be below 150! Well, I really can, because speeding my way (weigh! ha ha) there won't be a good thing.

Perimenopause sucks raw eggs. Big time. I mean, how LONG do we have to feel hostage to the raging hormones? It doesn't take this long to go from little girl to official baby making machine, so why does it take such a long time to shut down??

*sigh* on the back to school. We're there, too. Teen Daughter #1 leaves for college on Monday, Teen Daughter #2 is now a junior, Teen Son #1 is in 8th grade and Teen Son #2...just is. He's a work in progress.

Aunt of 14 said...

I look SO forward to being under 150 too! I've got a lonnnnng way to go.

Yes, perimenopause is interesting to say the least. Ugh.

Choreboy said...

They call it "menopause" for a reason... because the guys married to women going through this usually have to stop and think before saying a word on ANY subject, or suffer the repercussions. Thus "Men O' Pause".

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

So glad I found your blog because our lives sound very much alike. My son started 6th grade last year and I tell you I was a wreck. I worried if he'd be late to classes and get distracted by his locker and be overwhelmed with all the different teachers. He was also in advanced classes and taking band. Plus the whole idea of him being in middle school made me vomit in my mouth every time I said it. Same said reaction is happening now BTW as he approaches his 13th bday. Gag, yuck. Sorry.

But...he breezed through, was like, "Mom, no big deal." And ended up with straight As. Not one negative call from teachers about his, "attention problems." So, you'll be fine.
And, you're WAY too young for menopause. We are not that old!

Amanda said...

Angela, yeah it's pretty much Hoovering LOL. And I hear you on the "work in progress"... describes the Gum Zombie to a "T"!

Nikki, ayup. I'm ready for it to just "pause" already!

Choreboy, you shall be dealt with later. In another manner. Possibly involving forced baked fish consumption for a week (he believes fish should only be fried, y'all).

Dr F2F, yeah the middle school thing really has me freaked out. And I used to even teach at this school! Then again, maybe that's why I'm freaked... seventh grade English will scar you for life even as a teacher.

There's a reason I made the move to corporate America. Heh.

As for the menopausal stuff... well, Mom had her last period at 41, and according to hormone levels and whackadoodle periods and such, my doctor says she thinks I'm taking after her in that regard. And other than the lunacy that is ensuing, I'm cackling all the way because the thought of no more periods ever seriously rocks ;)