Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ponderings and Plans

It's unbelievably dark outside. Practically twilight-dark. The air is too heavy to move... too wet. It's the kind of day when I'd like to be at home, curled up on the couch.

Instead I'm sitting here at my desk at work. But I've got a window. That can't be discounted. And it's a spectacular showcase for the incoming storm.

Bring it on.


I need to get back on track with my weight loss. I have essentially twenty pounds left to lose before I hit goal. It's the same fifteen-twenty I've had to lose since the fall of 2007, after I'd lost my initial fifty-five pounds (from August 2006 through November of 2007) bringing me down from a high of 200 to a low of 145. Now it's fall of 2010, three years later, and I'm at 150 pounds (149.999999 actually... but give me a break). I still haven't even breathed on the 130's, let alone 130 itself. There is a reason for this.

Saturday I did well with my food.

Sunday I did well for breakfast and lunch. Then we went to see Nanny McPhee Returns and I ate:

1/3 bag of popcorn
1 box Reese's Pieces
1 box Sour Jacks

The movie was followed by a trip to Steak & Shake (because obviously I hadn't eaten enough):

1 southwestern chicken grilled sandwich with guacamole (hey, it's chicken? Sigh... I know)
1 serving fries with cheese sauce (adding insult to injury)
1 peach milkshake

We got home, and I finished the day's debauchery off with one Reese's mini peanut butter cup. Over 3000 calories consumed.


Then, because I clearly hadn't hosed things enough over the weekend, I broke 2000 calories yesterday. Again I was fine with breakfast and lunch and my snack. But dinner was at Denny's and because I'm a dolt I ordered the Heartland Scramble, which for the uninitiated includes two pancakes, butter, syrup, eggs scrambled with potato chunks, green peppers, bacon, and cheddar cheese, along with a side of hash browns (because the potatoes in the eggs aren't sufficient), bacon (ditto), and two links of sausage.

Cleared 1100 calories with that meal alone.

And did I get on my treadmill or elliptical either day? Nope. Too overstuffed. It would have been uncomfortable.

If I sound aggravated with myself, it's because I am. Yes I'm human and I'm going to make mistakes. I can live with that. I can live with the occasional off-plan meal. But when I sit and bitch and moan about how I can't get below 150 consistently to save my life, blah blah blah...

Yes. I. Can. But I haven't wanted it badly enough. That ends today.

Again: Bring it on.


Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Well...I could do what most people do and say it's ok. You're human. We all make mistakes. But...I'm not most people.

Denny's breakfast w/ all that sounds good, but it's death on a plate. Restaurant eating is big time dangerous. Are you writing down your food? Food diary is the only thing in medical trials besides surgery to be proven for weight loss.

I know you know all this. But at some point you just have to stop eating crap. You can do this. Heck, you've done it. Now get busy. :)

Amanda said...

I totally laughed out loud when I started reading your comment, partly because it's something I'd say and partly because I know I need it straight right now. I mean, I realize I'm human but holy crap, I can still do better than this! And yep, restaurant eating is just a bad idea when I'm not totally committed.

I journal everything I eat. I mean Every. Thing. The Steak & Shake and Denny's debauchery are forever memorialized on my SparkPeople nutrition calculator. My hope is that if nothing else, shame will get my ass back where it needs to me.

I mean, 3000 calories? Really?

Oy gevalt.

The Me Within said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE movies and it just seems natural to eat all that while you are watching a good movie. How was it by the way?

Shan -The ME Within

Amanda said...

Shannon, the movie was wonderful! It was the perfect sort of innocent escapism with enough adult nods to keep things entertaining.

I hope they do a third eventually.