Thursday, September 20, 2007

She Lives!!!!

Yes, guys, I'm still here. Sorry for the obscene delay in posting.

I do still have a real life (Scott, I'm fine!), and have had major hecticness abounding. My husband has a bit of a gout issue and this week he had a dreadful flare-up which resulted in him being almost unable to walk even on crutches.

See, if you have one foot all nicely flared up, then go and whack your good foot into the step-stool in the kids' bathroom? It kind of messes things up.


Anyway, he does appear to be on the road to recovery with his gout, which is a good thing.

But then his computer crashed out yesterday to a rather revolting extreme. He can't get anything to work, and even with the DOS stuff he brings up -- please note my incredible mastery of technical terminology -- he can't toggle/ arrow over to anything. So, frustration abounds and is not aided by the fact that he's now using my beloved pretty pretty shiny shiny laptop for Second Life while trying to figure out how best to beat his computer back into shape.

If he pours coffee into my keyboard, I will not be held responsible for my reaction. And there isn't a jury of my peers out there who'd convict me.

This would be one reason why virtual coffee has its benefits, although I'll admit to the tiniest addiction to the actual real world java (all hail the Goddess Caffeina!). As a sign-off, I'll put in this picture of me in my lovely duckie jammies, one of a ridiculous number of pairs which I own in SL, and which I wear to drink my virtual coffee.

Oh, and AYC, please e-mail me (it's on the sidebar) and tell me your avatar's name if you'd like to get in touch in-world, okay? I have some landmarks and other stuff I can dump over your way. Let me know!


tz said...

sorry about the gout, that's a pretty painful conditions. we just learned about the meds in pharm the other week.

Mauigirl said...

Glad to hear your hubby is on the road to recovery. Two of my friends' husbands have gout as well. It seems as if it's more common in men, is that true?

We were on vacation this week away from internet access so I am just catching up myself!

Amanda said...

TZ, thanks. Yes, it's pretty painful. Ick.

And Maui, I'm glad too. It does appear more common in men. I've also heard it referred to as "gouty arthritis," and although I know it has a pretty good ability for being able to be controlled with diet, well... not everyone wants to control their diet. I must admit that can be difficult, LOL

Angel said...

Glad to hear you're alive ;)

Ouch, hope your hubby is feeling better very soon!

Definitely need to chat--that referral you gave me is so far working out ::crossing fingers:: We need to do some Thai for lunch sometime ;)