Friday, September 21, 2007

Fracking Rain

So here I am, about to run to the bank with a deposit (okay, and to put some gas in the car because it's embarassingly near empty).

So of course it starts raining.


Oh well, atleast it's Friday. Thank God.


Sitting in Silence said...

Just stumbled apon your blog, it look's like a great read...Cant wait to read more...


Scott said...

Without the rain, what would we drink?

Amanda said...

Sitting in Silence, welcome aboard the eclectic insanity, LOL

And Scott, I'm all for rain in its proper place (which would be in a glass, iced). However, rain undermeath my tires floating oil on top of it so my car can spin out?

Not so much fun. Ick.

Scott said...

Yeah, I hear ya. Hydroplaning is not fun. And I especially understand why you don't like it with the incident you had a while back. But snow and ice are the worst! I'm sorry to hear you bumped your head on the desk! Maybe some Tylenol would help with the pain and swelling?