Friday, May 04, 2007


I just looked back at my "It Seems Griping Works" post. My ultrasound showed NORMAL endometrial thickness.

So why is my doctor proposing a drug that will knock out the "thickened" uterine lining to the walls?

What happened to the "normal" endometrial thickness?

I don't get this.



Angel said...

First off, Thank GOD the biopsy came back normal. A big WHEW over here too!

I'd get a second opinion--and maybe a female OBGYN? It is a male-dominated field (go figure)though.

I know that some women have been helped by ablation. Have you had your thyroid checked? (my head is fogged with this darned bronchitis, forgive me if you already checked this).

How about running it by the midwife?

BTW, you can email me at ;) We can brainstorm some more.

Hang in there!!!!

Amanda said...


I'm working on getting a second opinion via a recommendation I'm waiting on from my kids' pediatrician who was also my pediatrician. She rocks, and she knows me, so I think she might have some good ideas.

I'll also check with the midwifery group here for a rec. Good call.

The thyroid is perfect, go figure. As for ablation, I've done some research (as well as been told about it by some other women) and am all for it, but it hasn't been mentioned by my GYN, nor have I been given a chance to ask about it, if I'm a good candidate, etc. I think at my age he's unsure I'm willing to give up my fertility.

I am. Seriously. I'm done with this. I've weighed the options, and I. Am. Finished.

And BTW, you've got mail :)