Friday, May 04, 2007

Biopsy Results

The endometrial biopsy results are in. The results show evidence of ovulation and dates as day 22 of the cycle.

It was really day 36 of the cycle, because I have my ridiculous Excel chart, but hey, who's counting? Besides me. And my doctor, I assume, because he has a printout of the thing.

My doctor's nurse told me the doctor said that this means I'm still ovulating so my issues aren't hormonal in nature.

Huh. I'll have to look up what affects ovulation. I thought it was hormonal, as the pituitary gland stimulates adolescence and all the wonders of menstruation, but I'm not a doctor and I might be either remembering this incorrectly or interpreting matters poorly.

If anyone wants to clarify this for me, just in a general sense, go for it. Please.

They asked when the first day of my period was. I told them about the "bleeding since the biopsy but in ever increasing amounts culminating in the bloodbath Wednesday evening" thing, so the nurse told me my doctor has picked Wednesday as the start of my period. Kind of what I thought. What sucks about this is that if this period goes as the last one did, I'll have been bleeding for four weeks by the time the bloody thing is over. But only three count as my period.


I was also told, by the nurse, that I had two choices... erm... options (yes, she switched words): I can either continue to chart for the next three or four months and get another appointment in July or August -- for what purpose I was not told -- or I can take something called "Agestin" which will basically act as a chemical D&C over the course of several months and slough off the endometrium until we're left with a normal uterine lining.

So mine's abnormal, apparently, which I figured but was not told in so many words. Probably because a trained ape could figure that one out, considering the circumstances. But why is it abnormal? I don't know. No one told me. I'm assuming that it's thicker than standard, due to the chicken-liver-sized clots I shed at times. But why is it thicker than normal?

No answer. No chance to ask the question.

Now this Agestin will likely result in "heavier than normal" periods for the first couple of months. Ah, heavier than normal! What, for the average female? Or for me? Because in case you weren't paying attention, they ARE fracking heavier than normal already. The every-hour-tampon-change for 24-72 hours at the onset of the period? Is standard in my life. Normal, for me.

Any heavier than this and I am going to need a transfusion.

And I never did get to talk to the doctor.

At this point I'm doing a few things.
A) I'm gong to keep charting for the next few months rather than go on the Agestin. I can't handle any heavier bleeding than I'm dealing with right now. Not and remain functional in day-to-day life.

B) I'm going to draft a letter to my GYN with my questions. And I'm going to re-draft and re-draft it so it doesn't sound whiny. Just the queries and a request for answers.

C) I'm going to decide whether or not to send this letter.

D) I'm going to look into getting a second opinion. My doc has his merits, but he's never bled like this in his life. His (to me) lassiez faire attitude about the unpredictability, duration, and volume of flow of my periods doesn't show any concern let alone understanding of the impact this has on my life. Holy cow, if nothing else, how in the world am I going to ever have sex again? Yes, we've all (okay many of us) done "the deed" when conditions were less than optimal, but seriously, this is ridiculous.

I'm at a loss. And yes, angry again. I've tried to temper this entry, but won't be sure how well I've succeeded until I read it in a week or so.

Excuse me, I need to go buy another 40 count box of super-plus tampons.



Anonymous said...

I vote for a second opinion and if that doesn't satisfy you, look elsewhere for the source of the problem, such as your adrenal gland. It's unconscionable you didn't have a face to face with the doctor. When your current good/calm mood passes (and it will) consider going to his office and "spraying" the bathroom with proof you need immediate attention. You might have good things to say about this hack, but I don't like him one little bit. So there.


Anonymous said...

P.S. - the clock on your comments page is incorrect. Sorry if pointing this out to you is what sends you over the edge into psychotic rage. (It's always the little things you know.)

Amanda said...

I just re-read your comments here, and nearly ended up with Diet Coke decorating my monitor! Dang woman, but you're a crackup :)