Sunday, May 06, 2007


Well, I upgraded to the new template. The layout's still looking weird to me (not quite "home", yanno?).

I daresay I'll adjust.

I'm also fiddling with some widget-y things, and am seriously contemplating putting up some links as Fat Doctor and a few other of the med bloggers I visit have got to be tired of my "stalkerish" stuff wherein I open their page to get to another page I know they have linked because I'm too fracking lazy to make my own links.

Now if I can just figure out how to insert URLs into posts...


Angel said...

Oooh oooh! ::raising hand::: I can help you out with those :) is awesome for links (that's what I use on my site).

And as for how to link, when you are in "compose" or "edit" mode, highlight the text you want to link. There is a weird green thingee to the right of the font color. Click that and insert the addy. VOILA! (or as Superboy says WALLA!)

LOL Word Verification: utgrl. Sounds like some feminist club, eh? ;)

Amanda said...

Hmmmm... blogrolling you say. I'll have to check that out. More widgetty goodness!

I think I've gone widget-crazy. Now I have the "My Blog Log" recent readers thingie up as well as my sitemeter doohicky. Someone clicked on me from Singapore, for reasons I do not know. Perhaps the life of a later-thirties woman who whines about her period is of interest across the Pacific!

I'll holler at you if I need some help with the blogrolling thing. And thanks for the help on linking within entries. I might finally get this straight in my head :)