Saturday, May 12, 2007

All in a Week

Well, it's been about a week since I updated. Sorry 'bout that. Life happens.

On Monday evening I was desperately trying to come up with some kind of post to put up here and even hit on the old "100 Things About Me" saw.

I hit 38 before Heroes came on and I had to stop. In fact, #38 was that I was saving the post as a draft because I had to watch Heroes.

Hey, it was a thing about me, yanno? I might eventually get it finished and put it up. Then again, it might languish forever in "Save as Draft"-land.


Obviously, I'm having some trouble putting words to this screen. I'm having trouble reading, even. I have at least five books in progress, reading-wise, and I haven't finished one of them yet. A few are re-reads. A few are new books that on some level I'd like to finish reading, but just don't have the energy to go ahead with.

It's annoying on both the writing and reading fronts.


I'm still mad at my GYN. I'm coming to the conclusion that the man is an asshole, at least in his interactions with me. Or, as my father would say, he has a serious case of cranio-rectal inversion. After all these tests, after all this bleeding, he couldn't even be troubled to talk to me about what his diagnosis was, on what he was basing the diagnosis, and why he arrived at the two possible courses of action for this issue. No, just have the nurse call, give two "choices... erm... options," and call it a day.

Never mind that lovely analogy she used ("It's like if you wallpaper a room, then decide you don't like the wallpaper so you put up some new over it, then you do the same thing in a few more months... eventually the wallpaper is going to come down in places because it simply can't bear its own weight.") doesn't appear to be applicable in my case. All test results showed a normal endometrium. Pelvic ultrasound showed a normal endometrial thickness. Endometrial biopsy showed a normal endometrium with signs of recent ovulation, dating at day 22 in the cycle. Nowhere in those test results was there a sign that I had a problem that involved an endometrium that had a few too many layers of wallpaper on it.

Never mind that, when I objected to bleeding even MORE than I already was, she just blew me off.

Never mind that I was never even given any type of diagnosis.

I did the math yesterday. Out of the past 90 days, I've bled for 49 of them. FORTY-NINE. That's well over half. And this is considered not worthy of even having my doctor speak with me regarding his findings. No, I get the wallpaper analogy.

Good grief.


Angel said...

Dagnabbit, Bloglines hasn't been updating to show me you had new posts. My apologies!

And UGH new doc time, seriously. I think if after bleeding that long a doc compared my uterus to wallpaper, I'd have to hurt him. A lot.

Babs RN said...

I walked into my doc's office and sat down on the exam table and said, "I wanna know how many hoops I have to jump through with the insurance company to get this thing outta me."

Two weeks later it was gone. BEST thing I ever did. Check Feb/March 2006 archives if you want....

Babs RN said...

Oh yeah - and January.

Amanda said...

Babs, I checked them out. Wow, impressive! I don't think my doc would do that, but I've gotten a few more options and if a hysterectomy is in my future, I'm cool with it.