Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Yeah, About That

How'd Monday morning go?

It didn't.

I went to bed around 9:30 so I could get some decent sleep and wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Or at least semi-conscious. So what went wrong?

I asked myself that at 10:00...



and 11:30... this pretty much continued until somewhere around 1:30 AM, when I finally fell asleep. Basically, I managed to get so anxiety-ridden about going to sleep promptly because I was getting up early that I got almost no sleep at all. So when 4:45 finally hit, I smacked the daylights out of that alarm and swore I'd do my cardio that night.

Then I torqued my knee at work, scrubbing the bathroom floor behind the toilet. Oh the glamorous life I lead. Y'all, I'll work through muscle pain, but my stupid knee isn't something I trifle with. I baby that sucker, because my orthopedist salivates at the mere mention of that aging joint and I just don't have the sick leave or resources to handle 6 weeks of no driving. So, R.I.C.E. was on for Monday night rather than C.A.R.D.I.O.

On the plus side, my knee wasn't whining as much yesterday so after work I got on my recumbent for 40 minutes. Pounding the pavement wasn't going to work, but pedaling did. I made it 10 miles, which isn't awful considering how long I've been out of the saddle.

I'm aggravated because the only viable* time I have to work out takes away time from my family, and I hate that. I just need to figure out if I hate that more than I hate what lack of exercise does to me.

*Viable as qualifier because working out in the morning appears to be out of the question if Monday's anxiety is to be believed. Good grief. I can't believe that.


Angela Pea said...

"... the only viable* time I have to work out takes away time from my family..."

Sweetie - staying healthy and fit do NOT take away from your family. Technically it does mean you're not staring them in the face, but in the broader spectrum of life, a healthy fit Mom is a billion percent better for her family than one who is frustrated, tired and so out of shape that she can't climb a flight of stairs. Or schlep groceries from the car. Or heave laundry up the stairs. Or play.

Your family will be just fine, especially if you give them their own 'free time' while you go do your own thing for an hour. It took me years to figure this out.

Guilt still plaguing you? There's always the option of Family Workouts. Exercise is good for Kids and Husbands, too.

Amanda, you're a great Mom, so treat yourself like one!

Amanda said...

Oh I know all this intellectually :) It doesn't help that my stupid anxiety is apparently ratcheting everything up a few thousand notches, making it Absolutely! Vital! that I spend each and every possible moment hovering over everyone.

Nice balance there, I know. Eyeroll. And then I rationalize it by freaking out about school starting in a week and bringing its attendant Homework Hell along for the ride. Bleah.

But the simple fact is that I have everything I need to work out at home, and it takes much less time to do that than it did driving to and from the gym 3-4 times a week. I just need to somehow embed that into my brain when I start freaking out.

(these hormones can even out ANY time... good grief, I feel like a lunatic)

Jennifer Colgan said...

Is there anything you all can do together - a walk, bike riding, etc? This way you can get moving but be with them at the same time??