Wednesday, August 01, 2012

No, I Still Haven't Fallen Off the Wagon!

Still here, kids, still doing what I should do, even though I now have a smart phone which I'm pretty sure can do everything for me instead. There's probably even an ass-wiping app somewhere out there. I need to look for that.


School is about to start and ladies and gentlemen, I am about to freak. I'm not ready for summer to be over, but in 2.5 short weeks it will be. I hate homework.

I know it's my kids' homework. I still hate it. Even back in the dark ages when I taught, my theory was that my students should be able to finish the lion's share of most assignments in class because, again, I hate homework. I also hate hypocrisy. Ergo, my students won the "anti-homework teacher" lottery.


Yes, I still weigh the same. No, I have not suddenly (or slowly) ballooned to the size of a small island nation. My post-vacation bloat is gone -- thank goodness, because that was making me cranky -- and I'm still hanging right at 138 - 142. My goal at the moment is to move that more to 136 - 139, so I've changed my midday meal focus more to proteins, good fats (avocado is my friend), and reduced fat dairies rather than fruit, yogurt, and yummy, yummy peanut butter*. At the moment I'm having 4 oz. of chicken breast (I cook it at home in the pressure cooker -- I'm considering trying thighs next week for more moisture) on top of a bed of chopped romaine lettuce, topped with salsa, reduced fat sour cream, 2% cheddar, and avocado. It does not suck.

And as an added bonus, I haven't been to Chipotle since I started my latest lunch obsession. 720 calories for my burrito bowl vs. 330-ish for this salad. That'll do.

On the breakfast side of things, my father is again in prime weight-loss mode. Since I eat breakfast with my folks Monday through Friday, I'm getting a bunch more egg white in my eggs than I was (and less cheese, thank goodness, because the past couple of months Dad's been hitting the shredder HARD), and we're also getting interesting options like ground turkey breast patties. It's not boring, and my hope is that it also contributes to the "let's get Amanda so she's always on the 130's side of things" goal.

It's always a process. It has to be -- for me, stagnation means defeat.


Now I just have to decide if I'm going to drag the boys to the beach for Labor Day weekend. The hotel Choreboy and I stayed at for our little mini-vacation has openings still, and the boys haven't quite stopped grousing about how they haven't been to the beach in years (true), so it's on my radar. We'll see. Considering I barely got my ankles into the ocean on Choreboy's and my trip, I'm not exactly the biggest beach fan but it could work.

At any rate, all hail Wednesday! Halfway to the weekend, y'all. Have a good one :)

*We were having a slight peanut butter consumption problem, so it had to go away for awhile.


Lyn said...

A "no homework" teacher?! Where were you when I was buried in homework?!!!... oh yeah, we're the same age... you were in school too.

My kids' teachers seem to think that I need more to do... hence, all the ridiculous homework and projects they assign to me... er... them.

And when your boys start whining about not having been to the beach in YEARS, you can tell them that there are some poor little girls in Utah (a land-locked state) who have NEVER even been to the beach ;)

Oh, and when you find that ass-wiping app, please inform me. It just may be the push I need to get me to buy an iphone. Thanks!

Amanda said...

I hear you on the homework -- it drives me insane. My students learned, too. The eighth-grade English teacher came to me and compliment me on how well my students "got" the whole direct and indirect object concept. It's just that I didn't assign fifty sentences for the kids to mark up. We went over new concepts in class, practiced them as a group, then proceeded to individual practice. If they didn't finish the individual practice in class, they took it home.

There were some things that were, by necessity, done either after practice work was finished or partly after school hours -- vocabulary and spelling worksheets were a weekly event. Also, once a year we'd have a "research paper" where the ultimate typing of that paper at the minimum (and sometimes additional research) would have to be undertaken outside of class. But we had library visits during class, and we had "research paper work-days" as well, so there was a significant in-class component.

Good call on what to tell the boys regarding the beach! We're just 1.5 hours from it here, though, so really it could be a day trip. I'm just a slacker who can't stand the sun :)

I'm still searching for that app -- I'll let you know when I find it LOL

Norma said...

I'm with you on the homework, Amanda; although I seem to mind it more than my Spawn actually do (and they get a LOT -- about 90 minutes' worth per night in 5th/6th grade, and homework on weekends, too). They have a really long school day (7:40am-3:15pm) and about a 40 minute bus trip each way so basically not much free time between getting home at 4:05pm and going to bed at 9pm. They love their school, though.

Amanda said...

Yeah, the lack of nearly any after-school time is a killer for us as well. I recognize that there are assignments that really do need to be completed outside of class, and sometimes additional practice on certain concepts is necessary, but I also believe that learning how to organize one's free time, even with a busy schedule, is a valuable tool for children and when the amount of homework given precludes that option...

...sigh. SO many reason why I'm no longer teaching.