Sunday, August 12, 2012


Yesterday was one of those run-run-run days, with getting the Elder's new school uniform shirts (they're changing the dress code, thus rendering his shirts from the past two years utterly useless), getting pre-first-week-of-school haircuts done for both boys, and shopping for Choreboy's birthday. The most relaxing part of my morning was stopping by the pet store to pick up a ginormous bag of food for the three garbage disposals cats. While we were at the pet store, I also found the perfect shirt for Hound:

Poor dog... hee!

I did make a donation of a flat of cat food to the SPCA while I was there as well. I figured if I could buy a very silly shirt for my dog, the least I could do was make a matching donation to animals who aren't quite as coddled as mine.

Have a great week, all :)


Choreboy said...

Note: No animals were actually hurt during the snapping of this photo, other than Teh Hound's pride. I rescued him shortly after this was taken and restored his self-esteem by going with him into the yard and chasing squirrels together.

Amanda said...

It's a cute shirt. He wanted to look like you :P

carol smith said...

Such a cutie. The shirt looks good on him. I might just have to buy one for my puppy.
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Norma said...

SO nice of you to donate food!

Leigh C. said...

Love animals who wear clothes:)

Julia Ionov said...

Your pup is very cute. I like his shirt. Love the good deeds you've done.
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