Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Haz a Bike!

I just had to chase the boys out of the room so I could type this brief entry. I told them they were very cute, but too talkative when I'm trying to get a blog post up. As they were departing, the Elder said, "I'm glad we could cause a disturbance in The Force."

Nerd like me. It'll do.

Anyway, we got the bike! Choreboy, saint that he is, was willing to turn his truck around right after he got home from work yesterday and pick it up, with the rest of us in tow. And although I don't think he was planning on assembling it last night (okay, I know he wasn't planning on it -- thank you anyway, dear!), he did it so I could get in some cardio today.

It. Was. Awesome. My knee, which is aggravated at me for hurling myself to the ground again, didn't even peep during the 40 minutes I was pedaling away. I'm still getting the gist of the programming options, but I sure can pedal at least! And after the cardio, I went ahead and lifted my weights and ran through the rest of my resistance routine.

Life is good. And now I'm off -- dinner at the parentals' tonight (we're filling in for a couple who couldn't make it for a dinner party-type thingie), so I have to scrape the muck off and spackle my face. Thankfully, rumor has it I clean up respectably. Whew.


InWeighOverMyHead said...

yay! :) I use that one at the gym! :)

Amanda said...

It's awesome -- and it's getting good use! Now to figure if I can somehow drink coffee on that sucker...