Friday, January 27, 2012


Okay, it's not an actual "has wheels and can go places" bike, but a recumbent exercise bicycle. That said, I'm psyched. As we all know (because I drone on and on and on about it), my knees functionality-wise are somewhere on a level lower than crap. Then that's added to the fact that I have all the gross motor coordination of a 10-month-old learning how to walk (and about the same ability) which means I fall a bunch and catch myself... on my knees.


Anyway, I damage myself a lot. And I needed something that was going to give me the ability to do my cardio workouts with less strain on my knee than my treadmill and elliptical. They're good at times, but when I've managed to body slam myself straight into my knee three times in one week? I need a better option.

So sometime this weekend, whenever we can get over to the store to pick it up, I'll have one. I already paid for it (Schwinn 220, if anyone is interested) because it's on sale and I'm not risking paying $150.00 more when the sale ends. It was either this or join a gym, and right now my life just doesn't have that kind of flexibility, so recumbent exercycle it is!

Now the catch will be where we're going to put this sucker. I'm thinking of moving the elliptical out of the computer room and putting the bike in its place. My only concern with that is I need to do my cardio in the mornings, because I can't count on an evening session due to the kids' homework needs. You might think the computer room should be fine for this, but due to a need for both of us to get some sleep*, Choreboy tends to end up out there more often than not. I tested the bike out at the store and it seems very quiet so it may be I can ride it without disturbing his slumber. We shall see.

If all else fails, I'll move it into our bedroom. At least that way I'll see it first thing and my commute to my exercise will be less than three feet.


My gums appear to be healing again, and I finally went nuts earlier this week and bought fish to eat. Apparently there's only so long I can go without actual animal protein, and since other meats can be more firm or get stringy and catch between my teeth, fish it is.

It was good. I like chewing.

In fact, this recent food restriction has had me getting a little more creative as far as my meals are concerned. I'm also cut off from broccoli (the little flowers can get caught, just like stringy meat) and had more than two weeks without any dark greens, so while I was buying my fish, I also picked up a bag of organic spinach. I washed it off when I got home and just stuffed the whole bag into a giant pot with a little (1-2 TBSP) olive oil, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and a few sun dried tomato pieces. I've eaten it over three days and it's really hit the spot, and also reminded me that switching things up a little (I tend to be an extreme creature of habit) can be a positive.

Have a great weekend, y'all! I'll be the one pedaling in the corner.

*He snores. I wake up. I rub his back and tell him he's snoring. He says "Yes, baby" and either a) falls back asleep, in which case, repeat previous scenario; or b) he gives up and moves to the computer room. It's not ideal. We're working on finding a better solution because I kind of like not having separate bedrooms :P


Furry Bottoms said...

If I had to ride a stationary bike, that is exactly the type I'd use. I LOVE those bikes in the gym. I once bought one of those, it took up half my apartment and there was something wrong with the wheel part. The tension part would never change. I gave it away to my uncle. He fixed the tension part in less than 10 seconds AFTER he took it home. He could've fixed it WHILE he was at my house, geesh!

The Ninja said...

You know a few years ago we got a second hand recumbent bike for free but it had no tension so I thought I hated them. Then I joined a gym and realized how truely awesome they are, enjoy your new toy!

Katie J ♥ said...

Enjoy the new toy Amanda!

Maybe your hubs has sleep apnea? Excessive snoring is one of the most common symptoms. I know quite a few gals that are in that same situation.

Amanda said...

Nikki, I'm so psyched. And shame on your uncle... LOL

Nell, they really are! I used one back when I belonged to a gym and loved it more than I hated it. I don't know why it's taken me so long to break down and get one (okay, cost is a factor, go figure).

Katie, nice to meet you! And yes, I've considered he might have sleep apnea. Getting him in for a sleep study is high on our list of priorities. My preference is sooner rather than later.

tz said...

you're so nice, when Jason snores I kick or shove him and he mumbles 'sorry honey' and rolls over and right away starts snoring again! I think half my sleep issues are his fault! but he's cute and kills spiders so I keep him :D