Friday, April 09, 2010

My Idea of Fun

I just spent the past 20 minutes going through our local grocery store's circular ad.

And I enjoyed it. I, like, got all bouncy in my computer chair and stuff.

"Honey, those soups I like are 2 for 1! Hey, so are those nuts you like -- you know, the cracked pepper and sea salt ones?"

"Oh!! Zucchini is 99 cents per pound!!!""

My. God.

I need a drink.

(fortunately, wine's on sale too...)


lynn @ the actors diet said...

i actually love reading my grocery store circulars too. the ones at whole foods and the trader joe's fearless flyer give me hours of entertainment, no joke.

Amanda said...

Lynn, I'm glad I'm not alone! I swear, I sat here shaking my head for about fifteen minutes once I realized what I'd been doing.

My husband, helpful man that he is, giggled.

Choreboy said...

Guys look at pron, women get all happy with grocery store circulars.

Go figure...