Thursday, April 08, 2010

Results of Operation Damage Control (Weigh-In)

Starting Weight: 166

Week 1 Weight: 162

Week 2 Weight: 159.75

Week 3 Weight: 158

Week 4 Weight: 156*

Week 5 Weight: 156

Week 6 Weight: 157. Le sigh.

Well, I could see that coming so I'm not completely shocked. But on the other hand I'm actually tickled pink that I'm just at 157, because considering the time of the month that's due to arrive sometime between Friday and Monday (don't get me started on my hormones), a one pound gain is minimal. It can even be blamed partially if not entirely on the bloatfest that is my life.

So all that said, I'm going to consider Operation Damage Control a qualified success. No, I'm not at 156. But I enjoyed my birthday and Easter, which was good. And I got right back on plan Monday, which was excellent. And the pound the scale is reflecting is a small enough gain that as long as I stay on plan I can consider it more of a standard fluctuation for someone who's attempting to maintain (which I was for the past couple of weeks) rather than a "true" gain.

Now the trick will be what shows up at my weigh-in on Thursday, April 15th. My taxes are filed, we've got a refund coming, so I'm not stressed about that. Something good has to come on April 15th -- like, say, a 156? I'll take a 156. Or lower. I'd take lower!!


I've been watching The Biggest Loser this season (like most seasons) and one of their "Trainer Tips" really caught my eye. Jillian's tip was to have a couple days when you're really strict about your eating, a few when you're more moderate, then relax some a couple of days. It makes sense, and in large part that's pretty much what I do.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I'm hyper-vigilant about what I eat. Thursday and Friday I'm definitely more relaxed about it -- if I hit my max on my calorie range I don't stress about it. And either Saturday or Sunday I just say the heck with it and hit 2000 calories or so. The other weekend day I'm somewhere between 1200 and 1550, just depending on how I feel.

In general it works out. Now on weeks like the past couple I've had it's a bit more of a challenge to spread everything out, but overall it seems to be fairly successful for me, and the variety with what/ how much I can eat helps to keep me from burning out from obsessive calorie restriction and counting.

Speaking of more relaxed Thursdays, it's Subway day for me. Whew. Food I can chew -- I'm psyched.


Ms Snarky Pants said...

Well that's not bad at all especially considering hormones! Good job!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Lesley! Yeah I'm relieved myself. I'm counting it as having maintained, contingent on next week's weigh-in.

Whew. Bummer, but *whew*... LOL

Choreboy said...

Sorry dear, but I've b ballooned up to a whopping 188 myself. I have to stop sacrificing and watch how much I'm taking in as well. It might help greatly if you would stop cooking all of the cakes and stuff that are so delicious, ya know? I feel guilty when they get tossed out but I can't continue to eat them so that you aren't tempted to do so:) Any more increase in my girth will force me onto a diet and you KNOW I don't handle those very well.

Amanda said...

You will notice, dear, that I haven't baked any cakes that you like in weeks. Plus I took the remainders of the last ones that you *did* like to the office.

I'm doing my part. I feel quite virtuous :)

Jenn said...

Well I think you did fabulous! You knew this week was going to be tough, and one pound is nothing - easily erased.
Oh, and thanks to you I've had an incredible craving for a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Subway for about 2 weeks - I finally gave in a few days ago. Man, it was goooood...