Thursday, April 22, 2010

The One in Which Amanda Beats Her Scale Into a Bloody Pulp

Subtitled: Do Scales Actually Bleed? We're About to Find Out...

Starting Weight: 166

Week 1 Weight: 162

Week 2 Weight: 159.75

Week 3 Weight: 158

Week 4 Weight: 156*

Week 5 Weight: 156

Week 6 Weight: 157

Week 7 Weight: 156

Week 8 Weight: 156

I believe we have hit the infamous plateau, boys and girls. Considering my weight has stayed virtually the same since Week 4, since a one-pound. one-week deviation especially during "that time" can't be considered a legitimate variation... yep.

If it looks like a plateau, if it smells like a plateau (pheew! Icky!!) it must be a plateau.

My daily caloric intake, averaged weekly, runs from 1200 calories per day to as high as 1350 per day. The math says I should be losing weight. My metabolism as calculated for age, weight, height, and activity level has me burning 1700 calories per day for merely existing with my basic daily activity. We're talking with no added exercise here. So a 350 - 500 calorie daily deficit would SEEM to bring a pound of weight lost every 10 days max.

Instead? I got nothing. Not even a fraction of a pound.

I'm not underestimating my calories. I weigh and measure everything that isn't pre-portioned. I read packages. I get that I'm really having 2 servings of soup when I down an entire can of Progresso Light. I just can't get worked up over the fact that I'm consuming 120 calories instead of 60. Oh the horror!


Now if I take my weight loss since I started all this, I'm still on track. I'm 10 pounds down in just 8 weeks, so perhaps my body is just resting a bit and will reward me with a drop in the next couple of weeks. I don't know.

But for now? Color me peevish.


Jenn said...

Plateaus = YUCK
Try adding a few calories a couple of days a week. Like have a 1,700 calorie day, and a 1,500 calorie day - keep the rest the same. Your metabolism might just need a little shake-up...

Choreboy said...

It was the chocolate cake you insisted on cooking dear. Just smelling the thing put weight on my butt.

Amanda said...

Don't ask me. I'm in the exact same boat and haven't at all figured out how to fix it.

Amanda said...

Jenn, yeah they're totally ick. I like your plan, thing is... it's what I've been doing *sigh*. I change it ALL up ALL the time, trying to avoid just this thing. ARRRGH!!! Some weeks I have a consistent calorie level, other weeks I have low days and high days...

It's looking like I'm going to have to exercise to shock my body into something. Fortunately, I do have the "all clear" to at least start some light walking.

Choreboy, smelling cake doesn't make you fat. Eating it does. And you had a large piece :P

Amanda, yeah... it's freaking frustrating. Like I told Jenn, I'm going to have to suck it up and get back into exercise mode. I was so into it a few months ago then I ended up with the stress fractures which had me ordered to be "as sedentary as possible." Sadly, for me? Not difficult... LOL. And now the damned inertia is making it hard to get moving again.

Hopefully frustration will prove to be an adequate propellant.

Ms Snarky Pants said...

Ugh that is just so frustrating! I hope things get better soon!

michelle said...

I find if I have a few higher days then it shakes things up. Have you tried different exercise?
Sadly, sometimes you just gotta wait these things out :(

Jen said...

If the only problem is your feet, get creative and find some sort of exercise you can do without stressing them. Swimming? I don't know how to lose weight without exercising. I'm not sure it's possible.

Barbara said...

Welcome to your 40s :)