Wednesday, December 16, 2009

'Tis the Season

I've actually got a spreadsheet detailing my Christmas shopping progress. One of my friends (Tycho from the comments) informed me that spreadsheets are for calculating and analyzing data, so I'd be better served by a table in a Word document. To that I say bah, humbug... if only because the cells in the spreadsheet are already there and I don't have to come up with some notion of how many rows and columns I need for making a table. Formatting is just easier, period.

So anyway, the spreadsheet is done. Items yet to be purchased are highlighted in yellow, and holy crap there are a ton of them. Good news is, everything I've purchased from online has finally shipped.

Bad news is, the last item to ship went out today and if the Elder doesn't get his set of three micro wrestler action figures, Santa's ass is grass.

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Angel said...

I jumped for joy when I saw that Amazon not only had a trial for their 2 day Prime shipping, but a $40 cash back on their credit card WOO.

I hate that hubby gets paid on the last day of his gigs. We could use this money weeks in advance when the rehearsals start.

Because for TWO STRAIGHT DAYS nothing has come in the mail. CRAP. Not to mention the things I'm supposed to be making? Yeah. The Inner Grinch has hit.

TG that JQ loves to bake or there would be nothing in that area either. Maybe I should entice hubs to make REAL eggnog.....

Oh yeah I have a Word document set up too ROFL but in past years it HAS been a spreadsheet. Put it there sistah!