Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yay and Bleah

We're nearly to June and I've not had a cigarette since March 21st. This is HUGE. Not since my pregnancies have I gone this long without smoking.


In other news, and also coinciding with the "huge"-ness of it all, would be the ever-increasing breadth of my beam; i.e., the weight? She is piling on, folks.


This is frustrating the hell out of me. I know how to lose weight. I've done it before. But right now? HAH.

I'm so freaking tired of counting every calorie, of watching every bite that goes into my mouth. I'm tired of asking myself, "Are you eating this because you're hungry? Or are you bored/ sad/ tired?"

"Wouldn't you rather knit??"


Choreboy keeps making noises about exercise, running, etc.; and in theory we're supposed to be doing these things together. So far it's just noise, though.

And lest anyone think I'm bitching about this, I freely admit that getting off my duff and getting moving is not on my list of way-favorite stuff to do. I'm allergic to sweat. And to movement outside that which is necessary for my survival and that of my children, for that matter.

But I have a size 6 dress to get into in August. I fit into it when I bought it, which was like two weeks before I quit smoking. Shoot, I was actually torn whether to get the size 6 or size 4 (vanity sized though I'm sure those were).

Now I'm afraid to try it on.

How bad would it be to get married in my pink chenille bathrobe? I know that fits...


Choreboy said...

You have room to gripe? I now have an extra 15 pounds just around my gut and continue to grow at a rate exponetially proportional to the time spent not smoking. *sheesh!* (he says as he rolls toward the kitchen for yet another snack)

Amanda said...

I *almost* got specific about your "equatorial expansion", but thought it would be gauche :P

And no, I don't have room to gripe. These pants are too damned tight as it is. Good grief.

Sciamachy Moran said...

Try this - where you would have gone for a smoke, go for a quick, brisk walk. Just a swift once or twice around the building for 10 minutes. If you used to smoke 20 a day that's 200 minutes you would have spent smoking which you'll now spend exercising instead.

Tycho Beresford said...

I quit last November, bulked up, and now finally am slimming back down. I credit portion control for getting me back on track.

Amanda said...

Scia, a variant of that is in the works.

And Tycho, yeah, I remember you mentioning that. It's the portion control that's kicking my ass. Well, that and just being sick and tired of watching what I eat constantly.

I wouldn't say that I've bulked up, but I'm now looking more like I do in this current profile pic than I do in some others. Bleah. Oh well :)