Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sign of the Times

I'd gone in to Dr. Awesome for some standard bloodwork along with a FSH and thyroid panel because my body is acting strange.

Turns out I'm perimenopausal, which I knew, but damn it's good to have an actual doctor confirm that... no thanks to my asshat of a former GYN.

My mom was wanting me to call her with the test results, so I dropped the printout at her house, thinking I'd go over it with her when I came by later to pick up Teddy from Doggie Daycare.

What I'd forgotten is that she and Dad have spent years now dealing with not only their own test results, but also those of their parents. So they're really proficient in translating them, and ran through mine eagerly.

You'd have sworn I brought home a straight-A report card from their reaction. I'm going to make them a copy so they can hang it on their fridge.

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