Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More Randomness

Just a thought:

If you've put an invoice in an envelope, mailed it to my office, and it arrives still reeking of your perfume? You might want to reconsider your entire marination process.



Also, y'all missed me posting a picture of myself. Again. This one made it nearly 15 minutes before I took it down... but that only because I had about 8 phone calls coming in one right after the other.


Scott said...

Awww! Amanda, you are BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could see another picture of you!

Mark said...

Hey if I can put up a pic of me.... you can put up a pic of you. :P

Anonymous said...

That's what I get for not paying attention to this blog 24/7.

Amanda said...

Okay, it's back.

For how long, who knows?

Tycho Beresford said...

Don't worry Case; I was able to snag the picture of her for my blog! ;)

Amanda, your winning smile has been in the pictures in your fan club president's blog for months now! No need to be shy.

Amanda said...

Yeah, Tycho... but that takes serious digging to get to it, LOL. And I don't know... I just get all weird when I post a picture of myself up here. This one's been up over a couple of hours or so, though, so it might stand a chance of being permanent.

And with diligent blogging on my part, it will also soon take some digging to get to it. Heh.

Angel said...

Sometimes I think they use perfumed paper. I had to send a sternly-written letter to a former credit card company who insisted on giving me a migraine with my bill. Note the "former" part LOL

Amanda said...

ROFL, Angel! Yeah, I understand why the "former" part for sure.

No, this invoice was sent from an engineering firm, and as none of their other bills have come to our office reeking of scent, I can only assume the fault of the odor generated with the person stuffing the envelope.

I sneezed for twenty minutes straight.