Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hormone Rant

Okay boys, y'all might want to skip this entry. It deals with periods, and not the punctuation-type.

Alrighty, any male-types who don't want to read this should have run away by now. Yes, I'm being sexist but frankly I don't give a shit about that today.

So... y'all remember back in April of last year when I was dealing with the Periods from Hell? Like the 22-day one? Yeah, that was some bliss, wasn't it?


Well, since that time I've been back to normal. Until THIS month, that is. I'm on day 9 of the bleeding, and it's not showing any signs of stopping. AGAIN. The previous month was a 24 day cycle, which is within the realm of normal for me, and I just had to deal with the sanitary supplies for six days which is, again, normal. This month I was due on Christmas Eve, it didn't show up until the 29th, and it's Still. Here. Dammit.

*kicking random inanimate objects*

And to top it all off, I had the mother of all headaches yesterday which was stopped by nothing. I finally laid down in the late afternoon hoping maybe a little rest would help it out, fell asleep, missed a shift working in Second Life, and didn't wake up until around midnight. Urrrrghhhh!!!!!!

So today I'm tired, cranky, still bleeding, and the kitchen needs cleaning.

Okay... /bitchfest off. We now return you to your regularly scheduled insanity.


Scott said...

You WORK in Second Life? That is strange. To quote wacky comedian Howie Mandell, I am sorry your "groin is bleeding!" That must really suck!

Amanda said...

Yes, I work in Second Life. I'm a hostess there for varying DJs and record spinners in a few areas. Not so strange when you consider the commerce aspect of SL. There are many creative outlets open to those wishing to take advantage of them... the opportunity to design and build the content that makes up the virtual world such as landscaping, housing, furnishings for the home, instruments, and there are clothing designers, shoe designers... even pets (and yes, I have a dog in SL, LOL).

And all those items created by others cost money for those of us who consume rather than create. I'm a very VERY good consumer in SL, and unless I want to buy linden dollars, I need a source of income within SL. The hostessing gig offered itself up, I took the opportunity, and haven't looked back. It's a blast :)

Oh, and thanks for the sympathy on the "groin"... heh. Ongoing, day 12, yucko. Feh.

Angel said...

Right there with you on Big Red. 9 days and then only a 26 day cycle. I HATE BIG RED.

Only thing that is worse? Having your daughter with hormones too. We're so very close to cycling together YIKES. Be thankful you have two boys.

Plus I was sick. Happy Freakin New Year to my dumb body.

Amanda said...

Angel, oh I hear you girl!

12 days total for me... finally it decided to give up the ghost. Now how long will this cycle be? Nobody knows. Could be 23 days, could be another 41-day bout like that one last spring followed by a marvelous 22-day "let's just sit around and freakin' bleed" fest.

But remember, according to Cliff? I'm "just fine... perfectly healthy".

Pardon me while I go scream and kick stuff some more. I so need a new GYN.

Mauigirl said...

That is so annoying - I feel your pain. I'm FINALLY starting to be menopausal - at 54! The 10 years leading up to it were a nightmare -I was bleeding what felt like all the time!