Friday, October 05, 2007

Seven Random Facts

Well, since I've been good and depressing today, let's try to lighten things up just a tad, shall we?

I can't be as interesting as AD was with this... but I'll give it a shot.

1. I am, shamefully, one of those women you see rapidly applying their make-up at traffic lights during the morning commute. Yep, that'd be me, mascara wand in hand, one eye on the mirror, the other eye on the traffic light or, failing that, the bumper of the vehicle directly in front of me.

It's either that or I don't have enough time to adjust the delicate caffeine-to-blood ratio in my body.

You wouldn't like me undercaffeinated. It's ugly.

2. I'm also apparently somewhat absent minded. This past Monday I couldn't find my make-up bag (I'd left it in by the computer where I'd needed to use the eyeliner sharpener to sharpen one of the Elder son's pencils -- I am a GOOD mother, dangit) and got terribly flustered and upset, likely exacerbated by the interesting emotional state in which I'm currently residing.

Anyway, I put on my shoes and left the house sans make-up. We reached the Elder son's school and the Younger and I walked him all the way across campus to the on-site daycare, then went back to the car. When we arrived at Ms. P's place, I looked down at the ground before getting out of the car...

... and saw I'd managed to put one blue sandal with a toe loop on the left foot, and one brown sandle with horizontal straps on the right foot.

Not only were they not the same color, they weren't even the same style, and I didn't even notice during the trek across campus some 15 minutes earlier.

Sheesh. So anyway, got to work, gave the guys a laugh, went home, found the make-up bag and the other brown sandal, then went back to the office.

Where the boys were still giggling.

3. I was given the "Megaphone Mouth" award every year in Junior High Orchestra by my conductor.

I might have been the slightest bit chatty. Possibly. Perhaps.

4. Although I'm still pretty talkative in my blog (well, in more normal circumstances I am) and in other other online venues, in real life I tend to be pretty quiet. Until I get to know you? Prying more than one word at a time out if me is going to be a bit difficult.

On the flip side, once I do get to know you, I don't shut up.


Well, maybe to sleep.

5. Speaking of sleep, my family used to go on family vacations every summer as I was growing up. As soon as we'd stop driving for the day (five people in a station wagon -- my parents are wonderful, yet mildly sadistic), we'd eat dinner then hit the hotel room to crash out.

My mother and I would always race for the beds and try to go to sleep first, because if we were awake when any of the others fell asleep we were in for a long orchestral production in which the performers were my father, my brother, and my sister.

My father snored. LOUDLY.

My brother ground his teeth. LOUDLY.

My little sister talked in her sleep. With great clarity, I might add.

One of her roommates in college apparently took notes and would read them back to my sister in the morning. By all reports it was quite enlightening.

6. I hate to drive. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I was nearly eighteen years old before I got my license.

And in the first four years I had that license? I was in four rear-end collisions.

Three of which were my fault.

One was into the rear end of a semi.

So, yeah. Hate driving.

7. I have periodically put a picture of myself up in the sidebar here, then freaked and took it down post-haste.

Okay, that's about it (plus it's nearly 4:30 here and I need to be thinking about shutting down and running out the door). I won't tag anyone specific, but if anyone wants to go ahead and play, please do so!

Happy Friday, y'all :)


Scott said...

Amanda, Ambulance Driver's post was good, but so was yours!

I can't believe you are afraid to put up a picture of yourself! I got to see the pictures of you and that other woman, and I hate to break it to your insecurities, but YOU ARE HOT!

I'm trying to imagine this sleep song. As for your bro's teeth, does he have a mouth guard? Bruxism can cause some nasty problems if you don't try to minimize it.

Also, I am thinking of you surrounded by empty Starbucks cups and your propper 1:1 ratio very calmly saying to somebody at 8 am, "You wouldn't like me when I'm undercaffinated!" Just like the man warns people before he morphs into the Hulk!

Amanda said...

ROFL! Well, thanks for the ego boost, Scott. I don't leave the pic up for a combination of reasons, one of which you mentioned, and the other of which is simple security. I mean, yes, if you read far enough in my blog you can find out what I look like (or at least what I looked like about 15 lbs. ago)... heck, you can even see me speak, God help you all, but it's not right "out there," you know? Takes some digging.

Of course, my elder son's 2nd and 3rd grade teachers have the link to this blog and may even read it, so I don't know what I'm being paranoid about. You don't get much more public than that.

And as for the coffee, the bosses know that if I'm undercaffeinated they'd better let me make a Dunkin Donuts/ Starbucks run post-haste... or at least permit me to send one of my minions out for one.

Yes, I have minions *grin* It's great, LOL

Tycho Beresford said...

It's so good to see you back here. Those of us who spend time in that other place tend to spend too much time there - especially me.

Amanda said...

Tycho, I know. Making a concerted effort to balance out all aspects of my life. Necessary :)